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January 2001

Advanced Oracle SQL Tuning Training

When I delivered a previous version of this class last, it was year 2013 and the latest Oracle version was 11.2. Since plenty of people have asked if I ever do this training again - and now that Oracle 18c is out with a lot of new (and adaptive) stuff added since version 11, I’ve decided to update the material and run it again as an online training class :)


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Practical Linux Performance and Application Troubleshooting Training

Training overview The emphasis of this class is on practical application troubleshooting and Linux OS performance tuning techniques. We’ll be using scripts and tools that you can use on any Linux machine whenever a problem happens, without having to first install a complex layer of monitoring tools.
At the same time, we will go way beyond what the classic sysadmin tools (like vmstat, iostat, top) have to offer. We will use a process/thread-level sampling approach instead of system wide averages and drill down into application activity from there.