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February 2012

Load profile

I like Load profile section of Statspack or AWR reports (who doesn’t). It’s short and gives a brief understanding of what kind of work a database does. But what if you don’t have an access to Statspack or AWR but still want to see something similar? It’s possible to use V$SYSMETRIC to get this numbers for last 60 or 15 seconds. I wanted to write a script to do this for a long time. Here it is.

RMOUG 12 — Rocky Mountain Training Days

Well, I’ve just returned from a fabulous trip to the Rocky Mountain Oracle User’s Group (RMOUG) training days conference in Denver, Colorado.

It’s been a long time since I’ve attended this conference, but in the fall when I started to plan out which conferences I would begin re-attending in 2012 I gave this one a solid look. Often it’s hard to choose among all of the good conferences, but I thought I’d limit myself to the top 4-5 conferences based on my interests, and this one made the cut.

The main reason I wanted to attend is that I’m targeting conferences that try to bring many groups together instead of being a giant echo chamber for a homogeneous group of people. Some regional Oracle conferences start to seem like DBA-clubs at which the same topics are re-hashed again and again (the basic ones talk about space management and backups, while the advanced ones talk about block dumps and index leaf node management).

Understanding Storage Masterclass with James Morle

Understanding Storage Event April 24/25 2012
Event date: 
Tue, 2012-04-24 - Wed, 2012-04-25

Scale Abilities have announced the first UK dates for James Morle's Understanding Storage Masterclass.
If you have ever been confused about how your storage interacts with Oracle, or frustrated at always losing 'discussions' with your storage team, this seminar is for you!  
If you would like to gain a better understanding about the storage tier and be able to communicate well with your storage administration colleagues when there are problems, make sure to attend this two-day masterclass by James Morle. The seminar is focused on the component of the database platform that is probably the least understood—the storage tier.

Oracle database features wish list – 2 (V$SQL_UNSHARED_CURSOR)

It’s been too long from a previous wish for Oracle. While reading a MOS updated articles (in a new HTML interface which looks nice, much better than flash-based introduction) I’ve seen this document that made me write this blog post.

Dynamic Sampling And Indexes

There is a lot more to say about Dynamic Sampling and indexes, and I'll try to cover these basics in my Dynamic Sampling series on, but two recent discussions on the OTN forums and on Charles Hooper's blog prompted me to publish this blog post.

These discussions revolved around the following issues with Dynamic Sampling and indexes:

1. CREATE INDEX On Empty Table


I thought it was pretty cold in Sarajevo a couple of weeks ago, and therefore fairly mild in Minneapolis and Denver when the temperature was only just around freezing point – but after reading this report I don’t think I’m every going to say anything more about cold weather.

(Note: with my scientific/skeptic hat on, I have yet to be convinced that the story is completely true – there is one obvious weak point.)



A couple of weeks ago I posted a reference list of links to the bug fix notes for several of the most recent versions of Oracle - and several of the links recorded a surprisingly large number of clicks very rapidly, especially the link. As a follow-up on the difficulties of upgrading, then, and with an insight into the number of enhancements and fixes to the optimizer that take place I decided to take a look at recent developments in the “fix control” list, and the “optimizer environment” parameters. Here’s a breakdown of the number of entries in recent versions of Oracle.

Mark Ferguson: I (almost) didn’t recognize you with your clothes off…

On Sunday evenings I usually pop over to see some mates. Jodey fills me in on the latest gossip, while Steve tries to convince me that vitamin C can cure every problem know to mankind. We do some yoga, then watch whatever they’ve got on series link before I go home. At the moment, we are watching Spartacus: Vengeance. We watched the previous series together, so we knew what to expect. Last night we decided to play “body-part bingo”, which involved deciding on a quota of various human body-parts we expected to see during the episode and trying to keep count to see if we guessed right. :)

Directly Executing a Query is Slower than Returning a REFCURSOR from a PL/SQL Procedure – What is Wrong with this Quote?

February 20, 2012 My copy of the ”Oracle Database 11gR2 Performance Tuning Cookbook” arrived from Amazon, and I will say that I like the seven steps for solving performance problems that is found on page 12, although the diagram of the process on page 14 may lead to a condition known as Compulsive Tuning Disorder. I am [...]

Mastering Oracle Trace Data, March 9, Irving Texas

Mastering Oracle Trace Data by Cary Millsap, Method R Corporation
Event date: 
Fri, 2012-03-09

Mastering Oracle Trace Data
A one-day course taught by Cary Millsap
On March 9, Cary Millsap will teach his popular one-day Mastering Oracle Trace Data course in Irving, Texas. The date and location are ideal for people attending the 10th anniversary Hotsos Symposium, which will be held March 5–8, also in Irving.
Course registration includes a day of instruction with Cary, a new book, a T-shirt, and licenses for software that will help you get more out of your trace data the moment you get home from class. See I Can Help You Trace It, the story behind the course. You can register here.
For other Method R events, see the Method R Corporation calendar.