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September 2012

Making Impactful Performance Changes Webinar Follow-up

Thanks everyone who attended the 3rd segment of my 3-part DBA Performance webinar series. I enjoyed delivering them and hope you found them informative and useful.

You can find the recording here and the presentation slide deck here.

There were two SQL statements in the deck that were used to produce execution plan output (either using dbms_xplan.display_cursor or dbms_sqltune.report_sql_monitor). So you won't have to type them if you want to use them, here they are:

-- SQL to produce execution plan using dbms_xplan.display_cursor

Row sizes

A recent question on Oracle-L (a performance problem creating indexes that turned into an issue with migrated rows) prompted me to revisit a piece of code I first wrote about 20 years ago for an Oracle 6 system, and first published in November 2000. It addresses the question of analysing row-lengths in detail and, if you look at the example I’ve linked to, you’ll see that this could be very useful when you’re trying to work out suitable settings for pctfree and why you’re suffering from row migration.

The next release of Oracle….

….is going to be the next release.

[which is about all I can say at the moment]

How cool is that …



Oracle OpenWorld 2012 : Day Minus 3…

It’s about 05:00 Pacific Daylight Time. I’ve been up since 03:30, so I’ve already sorted my work emails, personal emails, forum questions etc. I’m going to write this post then hit the gym before going to Day 1 of the ACE Directors meetings. I have a feeling I will be asleep under the desk by the end of the day. Sorry Victoria and Lillian. :(

The trip to San Francisco was long but uneventful. By the time I went to bed I think I was awake for a little over 24 hours. A few hours of fitful sleep and so begins the series of ,”My life’s so hard because I’m so tired!”, blog posts that normally accompanies a trip to OpenWorld… :)

Ad: CBO Days 2012

The company I work for, Trivadis, is very pleased to organize, the 11th and 12th of December, an outstanding seminar with top guest speakers in Zurich. This year’s focus will be on the Oracle query optimizer, also known as a cost-based optimizer (CBO).

The query optimizer is not only one of the most complex pieces of software that constitutes the Oracle kernel; it is also one of the most unappreciated. Why? To make the best and most efficient use of the query optimizer, you definitely need to understand how it works. This is exactly what we are aiming for at the CBO Days.

Enjoy the two days with:
- Jonathan Lewis, JL Computer Consultancy (GB)
- Jože Senegačnik, DbProf (SI)
- Maria Colgan, Optimizer product manager, Oracle Corporation (USA)
- Mohamed Zait, Optimizer chief developer, Oracle Corporation (USA)
- Randolf Geist, Freelance (DE)
- Christian Antognini, Trivadis (CH)

OakTable World

This weekend begins Oracle’s OpenWorld and there is something off the beaten path going on — OakTable World. There is a pretty good lineup of speakers, including myself, who will be talking on subjects that probably would not qualify for OpenWorld sessions for various reasons. My talk is entitled “Beyond the Relational Database” and in it I’ll be talking about non-relational (Big Data) technologies and what they have to offer. Be sure to bring an open mind! Hope to see you there.

To make things easy here is an iCal file for my session.

Oct 1 and 2: 100 Free copies of “Oracle Core” by Jonathan Lewis !

First 50 attendees each day to Oaktable World will receive a copy of Jonathan Lewis’ latest book “Oracle Core: Essentials for DBAs and Developers”

First on Monday Oct 1:
Again on Tues Oct 2:
Starting at 9am each day.
Many thanks to Apress for this generous donation.

Making Impactful Performance Changes Webinar

Join me on Wednesday, September 26 as I present a webinar entitled "Making Impactful Performance Changes". This is the final segment in the 3-part DBA Performance Series sponsored by Embarcadero. Register even if you can't make it and you'll get an email with the link to the webcast video after it's over.

In this webinar, I'll cover

  • Common ways to rewrite SQL that make it perform better and more consistently
  • How and when to add or modify indexes 
  • How and when the SQL Tuning Advisor helps you and when it doesn't

Oaktable World 2012