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December 2012

UKOUG 2012

The UKOUG 2012 conference was a rather short affair for me this year as I was only there for 1 day of it.

During the Sunday I was at my nephew’s birthday party. In the evening I returned to Birmingham in time to make it to the Oracle ACE dinner. Big thanks to Debra Lilley for organizing it and to the Oracle ACE program for sponsoring the event. I used the opportunity to ask a number of questions about ADF and WebLogic. I’m still a newbie and since I seem unable to distance myself from the subject, I figured I need to know a bit more. :)

Monday was my first and only day at the conference. The lineup was like this:

UKOUG day 3

Today’s task – chairing the Unconference from 9:00 to 15:00 (though the first slot hasn’t been booked by anyone and, at this stage, I don’t think it will be).

Here’s the current agenda:

Innovation bottleneck: The database

2012 marked the beginning of a fundamental shift in the responsibilities of the CIO. As Gartner analyst Mark McDonald recently wrote on his blog, after years of delivering ‘more for less’, CIOs began to refocus on delivering growth through innovation – building the business rather than putting it on a diet.
However, most CIOs know they won’t suddenly see their treasure chest filled with new cash, and will have to look for other ways to deliver innovation.
One of the most effective ways to free up time and money is to remove the complexity and duplication that has been created over the years and puts a strain on resources.


Timetable for Tuesday:

  • 9:00, Hall 8b – Are you Syre you need Exadata (presenting)
  • 9:55, Media Suite – Global Resource Management, by Joel Goodman (chairing)
  • 11:15, Hall 1 – SAN Performance problem, What performance problem, by Chris Dunscombe (audience)
  • 12:10, Hall 1 Foyer – Living with Engineered Systems (roundtable)
  • 13:15, Exhibition Hall Balcony – Autumn and the AWR (presenting)
  • 13:55, Hall 8b - How the Query Optimizer Learns from its Mistakes, by Chris Antognini (chairing)
  • 14:30, Exhibition Hall Balcony – Optimizer Round Table (with Maria Colgan)
  • 16:00 – UKOUG Council Stand in the Exhibition Hall
  • 17:15, Hall 9 – Brining Oracle Database Identity Management back to the Drawing Board by Gregory Guillou (chairing)
  • 18:30, Evening Social Events (and I’ll need them).

Exadata Storage Indexes Part V: Warming Up (Here Come The Warm Jets)

As I mentioned in a previous post, there are a number of Similarities between Storage Indexes and Database Indexes. One of these similarities is the “warming up” process that needs to take place before indexes become “optimal” after either the Storage Server (in the case of Storage Indexes) or the Database Server (in the case […]

Enkitec at UKOUG 2012


Here’s the list of Enkitec’s UKOUG conference sessions – I will be delivering 3 sessions, including a 2 hour Exadata hacking session!

We are also sponsoring the ping-pong table (woo-hoo! :) and will give away 3 super-cool Sphero balls … that should be fun! ;-)

See you soon!


Movember is (nearly) over…

Movember is officially over, but I’ve got to keep my Mo for a couple more days. Some people have promised donations as long as this thing is still on my face on Monday at UKOUG 2012.

It started off as fun, but now it’s a bit of an itchy nightmare. I can’t wait for Monday evening so I can see the back of it!

Thanks to everyone who donated some cash. I’m sure the relevant charities will very much appreciate your contributions!

I’ll report the final total once I know what it is, and I’ve added my donation to it.


Send an Email From Excel, Visual Basic 6, or a Windows Command Line Using Oracle’s UTL_MAIL Package

November 30, 2012 (Back to the Previous Post in the Series) Today is this blog’s third anniversary, so to celebrate, I thought that I would share a simple code example.  As many regular readers of this blog probably know, Oracle Database 10.1 introduced the UTL_MAIL package, which allowed programs accessing Oracle Database to easily send […]