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September 2013

OOW 13 - ACE Director Briefing

Sometimes I feel like I only write blog posts so that I can contradict them a couple of weeks later ;-) Yes, I know I said I wouldn't be writing any conference blog posts so that I could concentrate on technical stuff, but then as I was walking around with my stupidly bright orange Blogger/Press badge holder at Openworld, it occurred to me that perhaps it's only fair that I write a few blog posts when I'm there with that status. Nobody insists or even suggests I do, but it seems fair, particularly as I used the Blogger/Press tent a few times for charging and catching up on mails in peace and quiet.

My #OOW13 Session: Are Indexes Unnecessary in Exadata

Thanks to all those who came to my session "Are Indexes Unnecessary in Exadata" at Oracle Open World 2013. Considering it was late afternoon of the last day of the conference, especially after the appreciation concert, it was a pleasure to see a packed room. Judging by the interaction I had with the attendees afterwards, it was clear that the crowd was pretty serious about this topic. Thanks you very much. There is nothing more a speaker can ask for, at #oow13 or anywhere.

Here is the presentation material, if you want, in PDF format. Please feel to download and as always, your comments will be highly valuable. I will make it a blog post later.

Virtual Stats

Or – to be more accurate – real statistics on a virtual column.

This is one of the “10 top tips” that I came up with for my session with Maria Colgan at OOW13. A method of giving more information that might improve execution plans when you can change the code. I’ll start with a small data set including a virtual column (running, and a couple of problem queries:

Oracle OpenWorld 2013 : Thursday

I got up late, so I missed the morning gym session.

When I got to Moscone at about 08:30, I headed straight for the speakers room to play catch-up on emails, questions, blog posts and work emails. I expected that to take a few minutes, but it actually took me up to midday. It’s crazy how much time we spend on this community stuff. :)

I spent most of the afternoon in the OTN Lounge geeking out with a variety of people. I was initially expecting to spend the whole day in presentations, but it turned out I didn’t manage to get to a single one. I spent some time chatting with the ladies and gents from the RAC SIG about ideas for future directions for user groups and collaborative efforts like RAC Attack. It’s interesting to hear the different opinions and motivations of the people involved.

Technology preview – Oracle XQuery for Hadoop (New Big Data Connector)

Yesterday I went to the Big Data machine engineered systems demo grounds, to get an insight, exclusive demo from Dmitry Lychagin. Dmitry, being part of...
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Reboot! (I’m back!)

I’m embarrassed to see how long I’ve been neglecting this blog.

Today was the closing of Oracle Openworld 2013. I’ve just returned to my hotel from the It’s a Wrap party and a quick dinner. I’ll be spending the weekend in the San Francisco area, back home on Sunday, and back to work on Monday.

I’ve got some blogging ideas, starting with some work I’ve been doing w/ OpenLDAP, so, that’s probably where I’ll start. I should have part one of that series up by next weekend.

Until then, I wish safe travels to my friends returning home from OOW.


Oracle Open World 2013 – Finis!

Well, it’s the final day of Oracle Opens World 2013; I had one good day of sessions (Tuesday) and one partial day (Thursday/today). The last session I attended was a really excellent session on SQL tuning by Connor McDonald. My session on “Oracle 12c New Features for Developers” was full and we had lots of questions. I still have not done a good job of performance-testing the new features; look for more information from me in the near future.

On the lighter-side I truly enjoyed the Maroon Five concert last night; it was worth the traffic jams along the way. We wimped-out early and left a couple of songs into the Black Keys set.

So, what have I learned this week?

Oracle OpenWorld 2013 : Wednesday

A familiar morning. Up at silly o’clock, went to the gym, then read in my room for a while…

The plan for Wednesday was pretty much the same as Tuesday. Most of the day was spent at RAC Attack. I thought we were meant to be helping people install RAC on their laptops, but I quickly came to understand this was a cover for watching Yuri take photos of people jumping in the air… :)

A big thank you to all the people involved in making RAC Attack happen again! A lot of people helped in making the new 12c install notes. Lots of people dedicated two days of OOW2013 to this, rather than watching presentations or swanning off to the boat racing. Thanks also to the OTN crowd for giving up so much space to us.

Oracle OpenWorld: JSON Support in the Oracle 12c Database (upcoming new feature)

Currently I am attending the “Schema less data management using SQL/JSON” session during Oracle OpenWorld. This session demonstrated the new upcoming feature (=not in the current release) in the 12c database which supports JSON data handling in the database. That is, of course, with the nowadays common disclaimer, it probably will, but is not guaranteed


Top 3 Nutters OOW2013

If there’s one thing I’ve learned during the last 8 visits to OpenWorld, it’s that San Francisco has the highest calibre of nutters walking the streets compared to anywhere else I’ve visited. To celebrate this fact I will present my top 3 nutters of OOW2013.

3) A solid third place goes to the guy who yesterday morning screamed, “I’m going to rip your fuckin’ eyes out of your head!”. I’m not sure what I did to solicit this response, but I would like to thank him for making me feel welcome in this great city. I am most appreciative of the fact he didn’t actually attempt to rip my eyes out!

2) Jumping straight into second place this morning comes an apparently normal woman, who as she walked past me was motivated to say, “What a waste. I wish nothing but horrible things for you. I hope you get shot in the face!” In a country where access to guns is so easy, it’s reassuring to know that their careful and considerate use is top most in people’s minds.