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January 2014

The CTAS, a.k.a. Processing Data the Jetson’s Way

**Note-  This is an article I wrote about 4 years ago that, as far as I know, can only be found in hard copy and although I’ve changed my stance on statistics, etc. with 11g/12c, the main point of CTAS benefits still stands the test of time.  


Here’s a point that’s probably fairly well-known, but worth repeating – nvl() and coalesce() aren’t identical in behaviour but you may have some cases where you’re using nvl() when coalesce() would be a more efficient option.

Public Speaking Tip 3 : Pick a subject you are interested in!

Your presentation should be on a subject you have a genuine interest in. There will be a number of these tips that relate back to picking your subject for a presentation, but for now I will focus on this specific aspect.

Enthusiasm goes a very long way when you are presenting. When you are genuinely interested in a subject it draws people in. It is very hard to “appear” enthusiastic about something you have no interest in! It is even harder to maintain enthusiasm when you are presenting the same session multiple times. There has to be something there that gives you that spark, which the others around you can feed off.

When I look around at all the great speakers I’ve met and tried to learn from, they are all really into their subject. They are all speaking about something they feel passionate about. To do anything less than that is cheating yourself and the audience.



Happy arbitrary day of the year!

If you take a step back and think about it, it’s funny how we attach such significance to a day of the year. :)

For myself, I hope during this year I can put in the effort to achieve the things I want to achieve, rather than just sitting back and day dreaming about what it would be like for them to fall into my lap. I guess to some that sounds kind of funny, but I look around at this time of year and I see many people living in a rather delusional state. Those new years resolutions, that will last about 30 seconds when you see your first piece of cake. :)