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March 2016

HotSos Symposium and IOUG Collaborate 2016

I fly out on Sunday for HotSos and am looking forward to giving a joint keynote with Jeff Smith, as well as giving two brand new sessions on

UltraEdit 23 for Windows

UltraEdit 23 for Windows has been released. Followers of the blog will know I’m an UltraEdit junkie, so as soon as I got the email telling me UltraEdit 23 had arrived I installed it instantly. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread!

The glaring hideousness you are presented with is a ribbon! For ***** sake! Hasn’t the whole world spent enough time moaning about the Office ribbons already?


Fibre Channel vs NFS

NFS is the future, has larger bandwidth than FC, market is growing faster than FC, cheaper, easier, more flexible, cloud ready and improving faster than FC.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 8.56.29 PM


photo by Paul Oka

Fibre Channel

Hotsos 2016

I’m going to Hotsos 2016 soon for the first time. I’ll speak about Middleware and the issues I see commonly everywhere. It took me quite some time to prepare for this trip: budget, visa, and, most importantly, presentation – required at least 120 hours of my time (which is a lot). In fact presentation is still work in progress and I hope to finish it just before March 8 when I’m presenting. I feel a bit nervous about my topic since the conference is all about Database Performance, the quality of presentations is always high and they are super technical, while I’m planning to have a light talk focused not on the Database mainly – just my rants on the things done wrong I usually see in the wild everywhere. It’s not something on the cutting edge, and some of my notes are so bloody old.

DBaaS RESTful API Cook Book

Having a GUI tool like Enterprise Manager Cloud Control to manage your entire data center is an imperative for most enterprises these days. But in the cloud paradigm, you must also have a uniform API that can be used to tailor the cloud to your business processes and economic models. That API is known as the REST API, and services based on that are known as RESTful services.

OUG Ireland 2016


Early tomorrow morning I will start my journey to Ireland for the OUG Ireland 2016 conference.

I’ve got back-to-back sessions in the afternoon on database consolidation and analytic functions. I was invited to a panel on the Friday also, but I had already booked my flights before that invite, so sadly I had to decline.

This year is going to be another day trip for me, with the flight costing a gigantic £27 on ChavAir. :)

See you there!


FOLLOWS clause

In early Oracle releases, you could have 1 trigger per type of trigger per table (eg if you had a before-row-insert trigger, you could have only 1). Now there is no limit. But that does raise the question – if I have “n” BEFORE ROW triggers on a table, in which order do they fire ? Let’s look at the following example:

SQL> drop table t1 purge;

Table dropped.

SQL> create table T1 ( x int, y int, z int );

Table created.

SQL> create or replace
  2  trigger trg1
  3  before insert on t1
  4  for each row
  5  begin
  6    :new.y := :new.x;
  7  end;
  8  /

Trigger created.

SQL> create or replace
  2  trigger trg2
  3  before insert on t1
  4  for each row
  5  begin
  6    :new.z := :new.y;
  7  end;
  8  /

Trigger created.

Seems simple enough…Copy ‘x’ into ‘y’, and then copy ‘y’ into ‘z’. So lets see what happens

EM13c DBaaS, Part 1 On-Premise and the Test Master

With EM13c, DBaaS has never been easier.  No matter if you’re solution is on-premise, hybrid, (on-premise to the cloud and back) or all cloud, you’ll find that the ability to take on DevOps challenges and ease the demands on you as the DBA is viewed as the source of much of the contention.

One-Sentence Paragraphs

One-sentence paragraphs are something I encounter often in my work as an editor. In skilled hands they are a tool for emphasis and driving a point home. But they can also indicate a need for a writer to put more effort into organizing content and providing context and transition to enable readers to follow in the author's thought process.

If one-sentence paragraphs provide emphasis, then a stream of such paragraphs gives a staccato effect emphasizing everything and thus nothing. The result is not unlike the old, Dick and Jane readers. For example:

Capitalize proper nouns. 

These include names of people and places.

Brand names are proper nouns.

Trademarks are a special case. 

Don't capitalize names of everyday objects. 

Oracle Cloud – About buttons, icons, links and other stuff…

While scrolling to the DBaaS interface pages, I realized that I was spending a lot…