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Hotsos 2010 - Day 5 - Training Day with Tanel Poder

I generally wouldn't visit the Hotsos Training Day, mainly because I've been away from home and work for long enough, particularly when you add the travelling time at either end, but this time I was determined to attend because Tanel was presenting.

It was a busy room with a very high percentage of attendees staying for the additional day. I suppose once people were actually allowed out of the office in the current economic climate, they figured they might as well pack in as much learning as they could. Tanel described it as one of the peaks of his career and I can understand that. It's an honour to present at the Symposium, so a whole day must be a pretty special privliege, but he's more than earned it with the number of good presentations and blog posts he's come up with.

It didn't get off to a good start, though, as there was a problem with the focus of the projectors, but that was soon adjusted a little and people were happy as long as it was good enough to read the text.

Speaking of text, he kicked off spending quite a bit of time talking about using the right tools for the job - sqlplus, basically ;-) - and how we can make our own performance more efficient before we even start looking at performance issues. Make no mistake - despite having a love of pictures these days, I'm fundamentally a command line chap who frequently finds himself doing the things Tanel talked about, which consequently made me chuckle.

- When diagnosing Oracle problems reported by others, I ask them to stop using TOAD, their JDBC application or whatever it is they're using and login to sqlplus. Once the problem is recreated there, I know it's a real problem.

Hotsos 2010 - Monique

There she goes, squirreling into the corner of your carry-on.  Ready for another adventure.  Tucked between a fun floppy hat and the flourescent sun-block, of which she uses plenty, pale creature that she is, Monique is situated to prove to you that a seasoned traveller knows best.  Dressed in a curly mohair (so as not to show the wrinkles that betray one new to the jet set) and sporting a pale chiffon scarf - to double as a disquise in those cities where she is already known for her somewhat silly escapades - she seems to wink at you and beckon you along.  Forget your cares, but by no means your playing cards, and step lightly into whatever dreams your next voyage should hold for you:  let Monique be your guide.  

Her very presence alleviates all the maladies brought on by the jostling of trains, the dipping of ships, the swerving of buses and even by the simple fact that you are far from home.  For she has discovered the secret to successful travel; with the exception of the luscious few minutes in the X-ray machine, where she delights in making funny faces at the operators searching for more dangerous contents.  Monique never looks back.

Charleen Kinser Designs

(With thanks to Carol Dacko for bringing along an interesting dinner companion for my own cuddly friends. Somehow I doubt they'll ever be the same - she's terribly sophisticated for my lot!)

Hotsos 2010 - What's THAT?

I heard someone bemoaning the lack of Swag at Hotsos - just an event program, couple of magazines and a small clockwork toy sponsored by Oracle. I don't think I ever come to the Symposium expecting Swag - it's just not that kind of event. But you do tend to get good speaker gifts, including the best speaker gift I ever received. This year, it's a digital photo frame.

As for that clockwork toy, the Cuddly Toys think it's *brilliant*!!! At first, their reaction was "What's THAT?!" then when I wound it up and let it dance in front of them, they fell in love.

The only thing is that it doesn't run for long per wind-up, so my right wrist is aching from them continually beggind me to "Do it again, Douglas!"

Then again, their reaction wasn't quite as relaxed as when they met Carol Dacko's friend while we were at the restaurant. Apologies for the quality of the photo, it was dark in there, but at least it proves that Little H and Chris were allowed out for dinner and that not all Cuddly Toys are made the same.

They were just stunned by their new friend. What's THAT?

All will be revealed in the next post ....

notes from UKOUG

I am back from my third visit to UKOUG and as always, the trip was wonderful, the conference was excellent and if I could have stayed, I would have. Of course, after dealing with trains all morning and then being stuck in an airplane seat watching movies for hours on end, sleeping in my own bed last night was absolute heaven. But the UK must be a wonderful place to live: the people are lovely,

Hotsos 2009

This was my sixth Hotsos Symposium as an attendee, my second as a speaker, and this gathering has become something of a spring time ritual for me. Others may look at the temperature, the dogwoods or the daffodils, but Hotsos is how I know spring is here, even if it did snow in Texas last year.I can divide my life as a DBA into three distinct phases:Phase one: I was given a server (DEC Alpha 2100

RMOUG Training Days

RMOUG Training Days was once again a fantastic experience. It is an amazing value for the cost, and Denver is such a beautiful place to visit. The dehydration thing seriously effects me though ... you'd think I'd remember that and start chugging water before I'm 24 hours into it. Maybe next year I'll do better :)Highlights of the conference for me included:Tim Gorman's AWR session: I've used

God rest ye merry gentlemen ...

Unbelievable ... it's already been two weeks since I returned from UKOUG. I enjoyed this year's conference even more than last year, in part because I paced myself better. I was reunited with many wonderful friends and made some new ones too. Add to that a week of top notch presentations, some excellent dinners with good company and it was absolutely perfect.So here are a few of the