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Statistics Management for PeopleSoft Temporary Records in Application Engine Programs

Last year, I wrote about Oracle Optimizer Statistics and Optimizer Dynamic Sampling with PeopleSoft Temprorary Records. Earlier this year, I encountered a situation where Optimizer Dynamic Sampling was not sufficient, and I did need properly gathered statistics on an object. I modified my PL/SQL packaged procedure wrapper which can be called by the %UpdateStats PeopleCode macro via a customised DDL model to collects statistics.

I still recommend locking statistics on PeopleSoft Temporary Record, so that table is omitted from schema or database wide operations to refresh statistics. If the statistics on a table are locked, and it is not a Global Temporary Table, then the wrapper package will force collection and update of statistics on the table (previously it suppressed gathering of statistics on tables with locked statistics).

However, when the Application Engine program completes, any statistics collected on those temporary tables are no longer needed. Worse, the statistics refer to data that will be deleted and replaced by some future program, and if the table were not reanalysed, the statistics would be misleading, and could cause the database to produce an inappropriate execution plan. Some temporary records are shared by multiple programs, so you cannot guarantee that statistics will always be refreshed when the table is next used.