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Presenting at TCOUG 2011 Winter Meeting

I just arrived to Minneapolis, MN and will be speaking tomorrow at the Twin Cities Oracle Users Group 2011 Winter Meeting. It’s the first time I’m speaking for this user group so I’m excited to meet the new audience. I will present one hour version of my Grid Infrastructure Internals session. Of course, no demos during presentation as it’s just enough to cover the theory slides but I’ll leave the demo as a homework as usual. :)

Big thanks to Klara Hribkova, Vice President of TCOUG, for picking me up at the airport and organizing a dinner. I’ve had a lovely meal — Bison Pot Roast — melting in my mouth.

I’m staying at Doubletree Hotel Minneapolis-Park Place. Nice and clean and very friendly staff but what’s interesting about this hotel is that they have DSL modems in the rooms so each connection is going via its own DSL line. Isn’t that cool? As I logged in, I realized that complimentary internet is shaped to 512Kbit only and faster connections are charged extra. Oh well, I can’t complain about free. Still, having DSL modem in the hotel room is kind of unusual! :)


I should also mention that it’s really cold here with temperature just like in Ottawa — about -20 °C or below zero in Fahrenheit. At least, no wind chill like in Ottawa.

I want to mention that my experiment on collecting database consolidation stories was a *relative* success — we’ve got slump of participants and I can announce the book winner — Noons, it’s yours! :)

If you are at the TCOUG meeting tomorrow by any chance (well, today already), please catch me to say hello!