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Oracle ACE Director Alumni Status

I've recently requested to be removed from the Oracle ACE program and move to the "Alumni" status.

I've already felt for a quite a while now that my area of expertise and interest as well as my public profile (no Twitter etc.) is no longer really a good fit to the ACE program.

The most recent changes to the ACE program then just have made my decision easier to step back.

All the best to the ACE program and thanks for the support during the last eight years!

This decision won't really influence what I'll do in the future - I'll continue to publish notes and videos about things I find interesting about Oracle database technology, the same way I did before - probably with a little less pressure to maintain a certain level of output.

Oracle ACE Directors + 1 — Gwen Shapira

Quick post congratulating Gwen Shapira on becoming Oracle ACE Director. Gwen has be an Oracle ACE for a while by now and been very active in the community. Widely recognized in the conferencing circles and a frequent blogger, Gwen has recently been focusing a lot on Big Data and many of her recent articles have [...]

Oracle ACE

I've recently been invited by Oracle to accept the Oracle ACE award.

So I'm now an Oracle ACE. You can check my Oracle ACE profile here.

Thanks to Oracle ACE H.Tonguç Yılmaz and special thanks to Oracle ACE Dion Cho, who nominated me for the Oracle ACE award.

Some statistics (since I'm a CBO guy :-):

- I'm truly honored to be Oracle ACE no. 210 in the world
- There are at present 57 Oracle ACEs in the "Database Management & Performance" category (53 in "Database App Development" and 10 in "Business Intelligence")
- There are 7 ACEs from Germany at present

Congratulations New Oracle ACE, Jeremy Schneider!

I’ll be the first to offer a large congratulations to Jeremy Schneider on being the most recent appointment to the Oracle ACE program. He certainly deserves it (I nominated him, so I suppose I would think so) and I continue to look for great things to come.