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Sliced Bread in SQL

There is sliced bread in SQL. You'll find it in the from of window
functions. They are so very important and useful that it's irresponsible
not be understand them and use them. 

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Oracle Cloud – Your service is suspended due to exceeding resource quota !

Okay, had some good fun yesterday with my free trail for Oracle Cloud service for Database…

EM12c Compliance ‘Required Data Available’ flag – Understanding and Troubleshooting

This is the first of two posts in the area of compliance management that has been previously published by a colleague of mine, Dave Wolf. Dave has moved to another part of Oracle now, and I’ve inherited some of his reponsibilities as product manager, including change management, compliance management and configuration management, so I wanted to copy his material to my blog so it’s not lost. Thanks Dave, for putting this material together originally!

Oracle Cloud – Stairway to Heaven…?

I was lucky to be granted some Oracle Cloud subscriptions. Today I needed an…

Performance Data Visualization for SLOB. The SLOB Expert Community is Vibrant!

Thanks to Nikolay Savvinov (@oradiag) for his excellent post on how to wrap his scripts around the SLOB test driver ( to capture and produce performance data visualization graphs.  I recommend a visit to his post here:

Performance Data Visualization with SLOB


As always, the link for SLOB is: Obtain the SLOB Kit and Helpful Information Here

Oracle Midlands : Webinar

Just a quick reminder about tonight’s Oracle Midlands Webinar.




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All change at (MySQL 5.7 and PHP7)

Over the weekend I decided to upgrade from MySQL 5.6 to 5.7. I did some test upgrades a while ago and last week at work we did some practice upgrades on a clone of one of our production servers. I was pretty confident the upgrade would be fine and it was. I wasn’t totally sure how some of the surrounding applications would cope with the change though.

Once the MySQL 5.7 upgrade was complete everything was working fine, so I got a little excited and decided to switch to PHP7 as well. Before this I was just using the stock version from the CentOS6 yum repository, which was pretty old.

Oracle Linux 7 disks and udev

I was setting up disk devices for ASM in Oracle Linux 7. I knew things have changed between Oracle Linux 6 and Oracle Linux 7, but only just a little bit.

First of all, let’s take a look at the current disk usage. To see what disk devices are visible and how they are used, use lsblk:

Management Packs, Restricted Use Licenses and the Enterprise Manager

There was a question posted on Oracle-l forum today that should have a blog post for easy lookup for folks.

Another RMOUG Training Days Success!

I’ve just returned from another post-RMOUG conference mountain trip and happy to say that another RMOUG Training Days conference has successfully completed.