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Interview with PeopleSoft Administrator Podcast

I recently recorded an interview with Dan Iverson and Kyle Benson for the PeopleSoft Administrator Podcast. It has been spread over three episodes. There is lots of other good stuff on the website and other episodes that are well worth listening to.

(25 March 2016) #21 - Temporary Tables

An inside look at the Oracle ACE program

I was recently part of a 3-part podcast about the ACE program. You can listen to all 3 parts here:

Thanks to Bob Rhubart for the invite and to the other members of the panel (Vikki Lira, Alex Gorbachev and Debra Lilley).




Oracle Exadata vs SAP HANA

Before I left on vacation (now almost a month ago – can’t remember when I had such a long vacation if I ever had), Mark Fontecchio organized a short video conference between myself and John Appleby. The idea was to compare Oracle Exadata with SAP HANA in a shot video discussion. Unfortunately, video part didn’t [...]