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Public Appearance

Speaking At DOAG 2018 Conference And IT Tage 2018

#333333; font-family: Verdana, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 13px;">I will be speaking at the yearly DOAG#333333; font-family: Verdana, Arial, sans-serif;"> conference in December as well as at the IT Tage in November. My talk will be "Oracle Optimizer System Statistics Update 2018" where I summarize the history and current state of affairs regarding System Statistics and I/O calibration in recent Oracle versions like 12c and 18c.

Speaking At DOAG 2018 Exa & Middleware Days In Frankfurt

I will be speaking at the DOAG 2018 Exa & Middleware Days in Frankfurt on June 18th and 19th. My talk will be "Exadata & InMemory Real World Performance" where I discuss the different performance improvements you can expect from the super fast scans delivered by those technologies depending on the actual work profile of the SQL and data used.

Hope to see you there!

Upcoming Public Appearances

It's that time of the year again... I'll be speaking at the following events:

- SSWUG 2016 Fall Virtual Conference: On November 15th I'll do the geeky stuff that was rejected by DOAG this year, which is "Oracle Database Parallel Execution plans deep dive - understanding the internals of Parallel Execution plans". You should only attend this session if you already have a good understanding of serial execution plans.

- DOAG Conference 2016: On November the 16th I'll present "Oracle Database Cloud Performance" where I talk about my experience regarding the performance of the Oracle DBaaS offerings. Note that some printed conference schedule material is outdated, I'll speak at 3pm, not 10am

SOUG Training Day May 2016 in Switzerland

I will be one of the speakers at the first SOUG performance training day, together with Christian Antognini, Franck Pachot and Clemens Bleile.

The event will take place in May this year in Switzerland at two different locations / days (one in German language, one in French, except mine, which will be in English).

My presentations will be:

- Analyzing and Troubleshooting Oracle Parallel Execution

- Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting

Hope to see you there!

Update: Here is the link to the official landing page of the event on the SOUG website.

Below is the official announcement published by SOUG with more details:

"Block the date ! SOUG performance training day the 18th and 19th of May exclusively in Switzerland"

Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting - One Day Seminar, Moscow

I got invited by Luxoft Training to deliver my one day seminar "Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting" in Moscow end of March.

More details about what I cover in this seminar can be found here.

If you're interested, Luxoft Training has set up a page in Russian where you can find more details - but note that the seminar language will be English.

DOAG 2011 Unconference Wrap-Up

My sessions at DOAG all went well, and I in particular liked the Unconference ones. As promised I held two of them and they were rather different.

The first one only had a couple of attendees (including OakTable fellow Christian Antognini from Switzerland), so we could gather around my laptop and do a real "Optimizer Hacking Session". Actually we had to do that because the projector promised by DOAG wasn't there. I talked mainly about some common traps when performing SQL statement troubleshooting and what to do in order to avoid them, but also showed some cool stuff that I'll shortly blog about separately.

Public Appearances

I've just got the confirmation that I have been accepted as speaker for the HotSOS Symposium 2012 in March next year, therefore I post here a quick update on my upcoming public appearances:

Next week the DOAG conference 2011 (Nürnberg, Germany) will begin. It's an impressive conference with a large number of tracks, although a lot of them are not database-centred.

Nevertheless it's certainly one of the conferences to go if you speak German and are interested in Oracle database technology (or the ever increasing range of Oracle technology in general).

Public Appearances

Here is a short summary of my forthcoming public appearances:

  • 7th April: I'll be doing a one-day seminar in Switzerland on performance troubleshooting. This is loosely based on the Chapters 8 and 9 of the "Expert Oracle Practices" book that I have co-authored. If you want to get an idea of some of the details covered you can have a look at the material of my corresponding presentation. Of course the seminar will go much deeper than the presentation, since we'll spend a whole day on troubleshooting. This is being organized by Oracle University as part of their "Celebrity Seminar" program. You can find the details and booking options here.

Public Appereances - Past and Future

The Michigan OakTable Symposium (MOTS) in September has been a great event with so many outstanding speakers. It has been a pleasure to spend time with my fellow Oakies and meet many of them in person for the first time. My own two presentations about the Cost Based Optimizer ("Understanding System Statistics" and "Everything you wanted to know about FIRST_ROWS_N") were received pretty well I think.

My visit to the SIOUG 2010 was also very nice, in particular meeting again with Christian Antognini and Joze Senegazcnik.

I'll be presenting at DOAG 2010 mid of November in Nuremberg. This time my presentation will be given in German, which is interesting since I do my presentations mostly in English even here in Germany since there always seem to be some attendees that don't speak German...

My presentation is scheduled at 4 pm on Wednesday, the 17th November, in the room "St. Petersburg", and is called "Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting - Live Session". In this session I'll walk through some common and less common troubleshooting scenarios, in particular some scenerios where the usually helpful wait interface / session statistics / ASH / ADDM approach tends to be useless. This is mostly a live demonstration show along with a few slides describing the issue and the techniques applied.

I'll also be presenting at UKOUG 2010 end of November / beginning of December in Birmingham. I'll be doing again my "Understanding the different modes of System Statistics" and also give the "Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting - Live Session" presentation, this time however that presentation will be split into Part 1 and Part 2 each taking 60 min. which allows me to show even more troubleshooting cases and also spent more time on the "basic" troubleshooting skills which are probably more relevant in everyday life than the interesting but rare "advanced" stuff.

UKOUG 2009 - The Slides

As promised in one of my comments here are the slides of the presentations I did at UKOUG 2009.

I've already considered some of the valuable feedback I got - in particular for the FIRST_ROWS_N presentation since it was the first time I did this one.

So those downloads are even valuable for those who attended my sessions - they offer a couple of goodies:

1. The "CBO fundamentals: Understanding System Statistics" slides have a part "The gory details" right after the official end of the presentation where you can find the really "gory" details, if anyone is interested

2. The "Everything You Wanted To Ask About FIRST_ROWS_N But Were Afraid To Ask" presentation has been revised - in particular I have worked on those parts of the slides that were "suboptimal" so far. The complex pagination queries are now better readable and explained step-by-step which I think makes them much simpler to understand, but also some other parts have been re-worked and extended.

Furthermore the slides for this presentation are available in two versions: The presentation slides, and additionally the notes where I explain some more details for those who are interested.

Here are the links to the downloads:

"CBO fundamentals: Understanding System Statistics"

"Everything You Wanted To Ask About FIRST_ROWS_N But Were Afraid To Ask"

"Everything You Wanted To Ask About FIRST_ROWS_N But Were Afraid To Ask" - Notes