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Conference Networking- Tips to Doing it Right

I was in a COE, (Center of Excellence) meeting yesterday and someone asked me, “Kellyn, is your blog correct?  Are you really speaking at a Blockchain event??”  Yeah, I’m all over the technical map these days and you know what?


I recently switched to a Mac after decades use with PCs.  I loved my Surface Pro 4 and still do, but that I was providing content for those I thought would be on Macs, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Oracle IOTs against SQL Server Clustered Indexes

I’m itching to dig more into the SQL Server 2016 optimizer enhancements, but I’m going to complete my comparison of indices between the two platforms before I get myself into further trouble with my favorite area of database technology.

SQL Saturday – 25-March 2017 – Colorado Springs CO

I’m really excited about speaking at SQL Saturday on my favorite topic!

SQLSaturday is a free training event for Microsoft Data Platform professionals and those wanting to learn about SQL Server, Business Intelligence and Analytics.  I’m all for that!

At this event, I’ll be discussing Accelerating DevOps and TDM Using Data Virtualization.  This is my favorite topic, because for the 20 years that I worked as a DBA, I ran into the same roadblock time and again.  The roadblock of data volume.

“DevOps” is a conflation of parts of the words “development” and “operations”, and it represents the grass-roots movement to merge application development, application testing, and IT operations into one continuous stream.  All tasks from coding to testing to operations must be automated so that new features and fixes can be delivered on a continual flow.

Make a Difference!

Don't waste your career sitting on the fence. Commit to something! Work
diligently. Make a difference. 

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Accelerating Your Experience

We all want more experience. The fastest way to get it is by helping solve
other people's problems.

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Accelerating Your Experience

Eleventh in a series of posts in response to Tim Ford's #EntryLevel Challenge.

We all want more experience. The fastest way to get it is by helping solve other people's problems. I'm talking here of online forums and similar venues in which you can grow in skill by taking your current knowledge and applying it to scenarios others are struggling in. Because those others will present with far more problems in a shorter period of time than you could ever cause or encounter on your own. 

Here's a snippet from a recent email I received offering some paid work:

"We would like to have someone whom we can contact who can assist us on occasion with Squarespace and are wondering how much you would charge for occasional help?"

Nice! Isn't it? 

Here's another, asking my help on a project:

The Roots of Relational

A conversation with Chris Date about the term relational, and how that term
came to be used to describe database engines such as SQL Server and Oracle

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The Roots of Relational

Tenth in a series of posts in response to Tim Ford's #EntryLevel Challenge.

Special guest this month: Chris Date


Subqueries can take the place of column and table references, helping you
to formulate queries that otherwise would be more difficult or less
efficient to express using join operations. 

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