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Reminder and Public Appearances 2011

First, a reminder – my Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting v2.0 online seminar starts next week already. Last chance to sign up, I can accept registrations until Sunday :-)

I won’t do another AOT seminar before Oct (or Nov) this year. More details and sign-up here:

I have rescheduled my Advanced SQL Tuning and Partitioning & Parallel Execution for Performance seminars too. I will do them in September/October. Unfortunately I’m too busy right now to do them before the summer.

Public Appearances:

  • I will be speaking at the UKOUG Exadata Special Event in London on 18th April
  • I have submitted a few papers for Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco as well (end of Sep/beginning of Oct), all about Exadata. Let’s see how it goes, but I’ll be there anyway, which means that I’ll probably show up at the Oracle Closed World event too!

And that’s all the travel I will do this year…

Virtual Conferences:

I’ll soon announce the 2nd EsSN virtual conference too ;-)

Free online stuff:

Perhaps in a month or so I will do another hacking session (I’ll plan 2 hours this time, 1 hour isn’t nearly enough for going deep). The topic will probably be about low-level details of SQL plan execution internals… stay tuned!

Update, things of interest and a couple of blogs to check out

tech.E2SN secret hacking session on Tuesday 22nd March:

Just in case you missed it – there’s still chance to sign up to my tomorrow’s ORA-4031 and shared pool hacking session. I initially planned to limit the attendees to 100 per event (as the limited GotoWebinar package is cheaper that way) but over 100 people had signed up for the US event on the day of announcement, even before it was 8am in California, so I figured I should invest a bit more and allow more people attend. So far over 500 people have signed up (total for both events). If you haven’t done so, you can sign up here:

Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting online seminar Deep Dives 1-5  on 11-15 April:

The next AOT deep dives (1-5) will start in 3 weeks, on 11-15 April. (and 6-10 will be on 9-13 May).

Check the details here:

Blogs to check out:

Andrey Nikolaev has done some serious low-level research on Oracle latches and KGX mutexes and he also presented his work this year at Hotsos Symposium (I missed his session as I was stuck in JFK instead of attending the conference on that day):

Porus Havewala is quite a Grid Control and OEM enthusiast. If you are into OEM & GC, check out his blog:

Future events:

  • I will be speaking at the UKOUG Exadata Special Event on 18th April
  • I will announce some more Virtual Conferences pretty soon!!! Very interesting topics and good speakers – including (but not limited to) some serious Exadata technical contents!


ORA-4031 errors, contention, cursor management issues and shared pool fragmentation – free secret seminar!

Free stuff! Free stuff! Free stuff! :-)

The awesome dudes at E2SN have done it again! (and yes, Tom, this time the “we at E2SN Ltd” doesn’t mean only me alone ;-)

On Tuesday 22nd March I’ll hold two (yes two) Secret Oracle Hacking Sessions – about ORA-04031: unable to allocate x bytes of shared memory errors, cursor management issues and other shared pool related problems (like fragmentation). This event is free for all! You’ll just need to be fast enough to register, both events have 100 attendee limit (due to my GotoWebinar accont limitations).

I am going to run this online event twice, so total 200 people can attend (don’t register for both events, please). One event is in the morning (my time) to cater for APAC/EMEA region and the other session is for EMEA/US/Americas audience.

The content will be the same in both sessions. There will be no slides (you cant fix your shared pool problems with slides!) but there will be demos, scripts, live examples and fun (for the geeks among us anyway – others go and read some slides instead ;-)!


Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting v2.0 Online Deep Dives in April and May 2011

Due to a lot interest I’m going to do another run of my Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting v2.0 Online Deep Dive seminars in April and May (initially I had planned to do it no earlier than Sep/Oct…)

Check the dates & additional info out here:

P.S. People who already attended the AOT2 seminars last year – I will schedule the follow-up Q&A sessions in mid-March!


Wheeew, I am now a RedHat Certified Engineer!

A couple of weeks ago, RedHat announced the general availability of RHEL6… also effective on this release is the change on their certification offering. RHCT will now be replaced by RHCSA (Red Hat Certified System Administrator), and if you would like to be RHCE on RHEL6 regardless of your certification on RHEL5 you still have to go through the RHCSA exam.. and then once you pass.. you are then allowed to take RHCE exam for RHEL6. More details here: RHCSA, RHCE

A few more announcements…

Today’s hacking session was a success – 144 people signed up and around 100 attended – thank you!
  • I will do the next hacking session in November! Don’t know exact date yet, I’ll just need to find a free enough day… I think I’ll go deeper into internals next time to justify the “hacking” part in the name :-)
Last days for getting the early-bird rate at the first Virtual Conference about #ff0000;">Systematic Oracle SQL Optimization with Cary Millsap, Jonathan Lewis, Kerry Osborne and me!
Additional Q & A sessions added into the package of my AOT2.0 seminars:
  • NB! As a fresh addition – the AOT2.0 seminar attendees can attend two #ff0000;">additional 2 hour Q & A sessions after the seminars!
    • 2 hours in mid-December 2010 (TBD)
    • 2 hours in mid-January 2011 (TBD)
    • The idea is that when you put the new tools and knowledge into use in real life, there will likely be additional questions that arise. The extra Q&A sessions, where Tanel answers questions related to the seminar material (and do even more demos) should help you to get the most out of these seminars!
    • Existing and new attendees of AOT20 seminars, no action is needed from you. I’ll just send you a mail with proposed dates after the seminars…
  • Last chance to sign up to the first part of the Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting v2.0 Online Deep Dives (1-5 Nov)!


Another (secret) hacking session with me – using Oracle Session Snapper for flexible troubleshooting (and fun)

And this time we have audio !!! (Wow!)

Following the huge success of my last hacking session, planned while drinking beer at Graham Woods OOW pre-party and delivered from Miracle’s massive Oracle Closed World event in Thirsty Bear (between drinking beers), I’m announcing another hacking session:

What: Using Session Snapper for flexible Oracle Performance Troubleshooting

When: Wednesday 27th Oct 9:00-10:00 AM PDT (US West coast / California time). Check what’s this in your time zone here

Where: Internet! -> Sign up here:

You’ll need to register fast and be “there” on time as my current GotoWebinar account only allow 100 attendees to log on… last time over 100 people signed up, but “luckily” less actually showed up, so nobody got left outside!

BTW, I have figured out what went wrong with audio last time and caused my voice in the end of presentation disappear). A program, which I accidentally launched via a keyboard shortcut, grabbed my Mic input to itself, so gotowebinar’s app couldn’t access it anymore.

See you soon!


Announcing the first E2SN Virtual Conference with Jonathan Lewis, Cary Millsap, Kerry Osborne and me – 18-19 Nov!

Yes, it’s official. I’m organizing a virtual conference with some of THE top speakers in the world. The topic is Systematic Oracle SQL Optimization (in real world)

The dates are 18-19 November, the conference lasts for 4 hours on both days, so you’ll be able to still get some work done as well (and immediately apply the knowledge acquired!).

Well, none of the speakers need introduction, but just in case you’ve lived in space for last 20 years, here are the links to their blogs :)

I can tell you, (at least the first 3) people in the above list ROCK!!!

And all of them are OakTable members too :)

This conference will have 4 x 1.5 hour sessions, each delivered by a separate speaker. We aim to systematically cover the path of:

  1. Finding out where is the performance problem (and which SQLs cause it)
  2. Finding out what is the problem SQL execution plan doing and which part of it is slow
  3. How to write and fix your code so that the optimizer wouldn’t hate your SQL
  4. How to fix the SQL execution plan performance problem when you can’t touch the application code!

And as this is the first (pilot) virtual conference, then the price is awesome, especially if you get the early bird rate by signing up before 1. November!

So, check out the abstracts, details, agenda and sign up here!


P.S. I expect this event to be awesome!


New online seminars – Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting v2.0 Deep Dives

As I mentioned in a previous post, I won’t be doing much flying anymore and so am changing all my seminar offering to online seminars.

So, I’ve changed and re-arranged my seminar content into self-contained 4-hour deep dives and thanks to the online nature (no travel needed), people can choose which days they want to attend. If you’re interested in latch contention only, you can attend the Latch Contention deep dive for example etc. Or you can still attend all the deep dives. The cool thing is that these deep dive sessions take only half a day, too (and are priced accordingly). That way you don’t have to skip work for the whole day (or week) and still can get some of your daily work done too. Hopefully it makes your life a bit easier when getting approval to attend the sessions.

As the main feedback from my seminars has been that “there’s too much to learn” within the short 2-3 days I used to do my seminars in, I have arranged the material so that there will be more time to go deep into the subject area. Also, I have planned plenty of time for questions & answers (1 hour out of the 4 hours is planned Q&A sessions and attendees can also ask questions any time during the lecture & demos).

It looks like I will only offer my Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting v2.0 class online this year. I will probably schedule my Advanced SQL Tuning deep dives in January/February 2011 and the Advanced Troubleshooting class again in March/April and so on (until I go public with my other business, when I won’t have time for full length training anymore).

You can check the current schedule and pricing out here:

Here’s a brief outline of individual half-day Deep Dives I offer:

  1. AOT deep dive 1: Systematic approach for Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting
  2. AOT deep dive 2: Troubleshooting physical IO and buffer cache issues
  3. AOT deep dive 3: Troubleshooting commit, redo, undo and transaction issues
  4. AOT deep dive 4: Troubleshooting Oracle SGA/PGA/UGA and OS memory issues
  5. AOT deep dive 5: Troubleshooting shared pool and library cache issues
  6. AOT deep dive 6: Troubleshooting enqueue lock waits and deadlocks
  7. AOT deep dive 7: Troubleshooting latch contention
  8. AOT deep dive 8: Troubleshooting Mutex and “cursor: pin” contention
  9. AOT deep dive 9: Troubleshooting complex hangs and spins
  10. AOT deep dive 10: Troubleshooting crashes, bugs and ORA-600/ORA-7445 errors

So, sign up now, seats are limited ;-)


Hands On Labs with Data Guard

I have been planning on publishing more Hands On Labs for Data Guard on Oracle’s Technology Network using the Amazon Elastic Cloud (EC2) as the lab systems. But while I am working on more of them I thought I should post a note about the “OpenWorld 2009 Active Data Guard Hands On Lab” that we have already published. Please head for for a set of exercises designed to introduce you to Active Data Guard in Oracle 11g Release 2 as well as some basic configuration and testing exercises.  On that page is the download link for the handbook where you will find instructions on how to get going with my Amazon Cloud Machine (AMI)  image and all the exercises.