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Future appearances, conferences and seminars

Just to let you know where I’ll be in the near future :)


Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting 2.0

I have rearranged and adjusted the material so it flows smoother, has even more practical tools and scripts and describes some internals even deeper ;-)

These dates are close, last chance to register ;-) Note that after these I won’t be doing an Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting class in US for a while…


Hotsos Symposium, Dallas, TX, 8-11 March

I will deliver 2 presentations at the Hotsos Symposium 2010

  • Back to Basics: Choosing the Starting Point of Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting Wisely
  • Understanding LGWR, log file sync Waits and Commit Performance

Also, I will be the Training Day speaker after the conference (I feel quite honored about this btw ;)

  • Scripts and Tools for Oracle Troubleshooting and Advanced Performance Analysis

Note that I will show some very cool (and of course, useful) stuff at the Training Day! Some things are gonna be so cool that I almost want to sit in the audience myself! One of the things is called MOATS – the Mother Of All Tuning Scripts for example ;-)

Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting by Tanel Poder in Singapore

When I first saw that Tanel will conduct his seminar in Singapore, I told myself that I would even spend my own money just to be on that training! I’ve already read performance books like Optimizing Oracle Performance, Oracle 8i Internal Services, Forecasting Oracle Performance… And after that I still want more, and I still have questions that need to be answered. Well, if you’re on a tight budget you just opt to download some more docs/books to do multiple reads coupled with research/test cases and also reading through others blog…
But thanks to my boss for the funding, I was there! </p />

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