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Managing database dependent development

Application developers frequently experiment to achieve higher quality builds, they try things out, make mistakes and find fixes. Database design can be like that too, but rapidly changing the schema in traditional shared environment tends to break the application.

In this webinar, Kyle Hailey will explore how different types of cloning technology work and their benefits and limitations. The webinar will also demonstrate how you can setup and coordinate risk-free database experiments using Delphix and Red Gate’s Oracle tools.

Kyle Hailey and James Murtagh

Pure Storage and Delphix


Joint webinar:

Super Charge Database Deployments



pure_storage  delphix_logo_color

NYC, NYOUG and Delphix on March 12 & 13



photo by Thomas Hawk

Interested in talking face to face about Delphix in NYC?  Drop me a line. I’ll be in NYC on March 12th and 13th and look forward to meeting folks who are excited to learn more about Delphix.


I’m excited about the ease of creating rich user applications  that are web enabled  given the state of technology now. JavaScript and JQuery have gone from being disdained as “not a very serious” language to moving towards the limelight of front and center.

Here is a small example.

Download the following file:  W-ASH (web enabled ASH, file is wash.tar.gz )

Source is also on github at

Go to your apache web server root, in my case on redhat Linux is

Oracle Developer Day Perth

Well…it was a great day with over 100 people attending.

I had the standard fail of trying to show people 200 things that I think are important, in a time allowing only for 50 things, but better to be overfed than starving :-)

Links to the slides are below.  Thanks everyone for coming – hope you had a great day.

Lineage of the 100-400 slide PPT


5727330912_ca5a5a7760graphic by Frits Ahlefeldt-Laurvig

There is the  Mandel approach to power points in presentations where one is suppose to spend 3 minutes per slide, thus a 60 minute presentation is 20 slides or less.

How about going the other way, showing 3 or more slides per minute?

Full free day of performance class at Oracle Corp

This Thursday, Feb 20, I will be giving a full day of free Oracle performance classes.  Remember the serve the best lunch ever at the Oracle conference center . It’s top class!

Register here

Here is the write-up from NoCOUG on the day: Upgrade

A warning on Oracle-L from Chris Dunscombe: If you’ve got a large stats history – with lots of histogram data – then the upgrade could take an unexpectedly long time. Presumably the same is true if you upgrade from (or earlier) to 12c.


Oracle 12c Edition-Based Redefinition (EBR)

Oracle 12c has many great features for DBAs and Developers; I’ll be talking about more features 12c in future articles (watch this space).

Edition-Based Redefinition made its debut in Oracle 11g and provides an ability to significantly reduce downtime due to changes in PL/SQL and/or SQL. Oracle 12c removes some limitations present in 11gR2 implementation of EBR:

  • Materialized Views may use editioned resources
  • Virtual Columns may be used with editioned functions

Materialized Views are not-editionable; but, Oracle 12c allows them to depend upon editioned objects with a new clause and new syntax for ENABLE QUERY REWRITE. The EVALUATE USING clause indicates that a referenced object is editioned (editioned objects are invisible otherwise). ENABLE QUERY REWRITE may be limited to selected editions. The new Materialized View CREATE/ALTER syntax looks something like this: