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Interesting SLOB Use Cases – Part I. Studying ZFS Fragmentation. Introducing Bart Sjerps.

This is the first installment in a series of posts I’m launching to share interesting use cases for SLOB. I have several installments teed up but to put a spin on things I’m going to hit two birds with one stone in this installment. The first bird I’ll hit is to introduce a friend and colleague, Bart Sjerps, who I just added to my blogroll. The other bird in my cross-hairs is this interesting post Bart wrote some time back that covers a study of ZFS fragmentation using SLOB.

Bart Sjerps on ZFS Fragmentation. A SLOB study.

As always, please visit the SLOB Resources Page for SLOB kit and documentation.


Oracle Database Appliance — Storage expansion with NFS (dNFS, HCC)

The biggest objection to Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) we hear from customers is about 4TB usable space limit (tripple mirrored 12TB of raw storage). I think most of the times this is more a perceived barrier rather than objective — more along the lines of being afraid to hit the limit if the system grows [...]


Exadataを支える技術3 Automatic Storage Management (ASM)

ASM:Shared Diskを実現するためのOracleコンポーネント
OEL:Oracle Enterprose Linux
CELLSRV:Cell Service Databaseとのコミュニケーション
MS:Management Service
RS:Restart Service
IORM:I/O Resource Manager

ASMがあるからOracle RACのShared Disk環境が構築できる。そして従来であれば高価なSANディスクアレイ装置を複数台用意しなければ実現できなかったI/O転送量、バンド幅を実現しているソフトウェア側の立役者的な存在といえる。

ASMと同様なオープンソースにSolaris ZFSがあるが、Oracleを使うのならASMの方がパフォーマンス面で有利。