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Ad: Trivadis DK Opening Event

Trivadis, the company I work for, just opened a new branch in Denmark (the press release, in German, is available here). On the 14th of April (09:00-15:00) takes place, in the Oracle’s office in Ballerup, the opening event. Two colleagues of mine and I will be there to deliver the following presentations:

Big Data versus Conventional Techniques – Decision Criteria (Peter Welker, Senior Principal Consultant)

Better use Big Data technologies in the Business intelligence and Data Warehouse environment or not? The presentation explains “classic” and “new” requirements for data analysis and compares them with technical and other criteria: latency, throughput, data volume, information quality and structure are even not enough. User friendliness, maturity, stability, maintainability or simply the available know-how and the bias of developers, admins and users are important. And of course the costs are not to overlook.

The Oracle Database In-Memory Option: Challenges and Possibilities (Christian Antognini, Senior Principal Consultant)

Oracle Database In-Memory, which was introduced with version, promises to deliver in-memory performance without modifying the application’s code, increasing the complexity of database administration, or jeopardizing the utilization of other Oracle Database functionalities.
The aim of this presentation, after explaining the key concepts the Oracle Database In-Memory option is based on, is to review what you can expect from this new technology. Specifically, we’ll take a look at the situations where you can take advantage of it and what kind of overhead you should expect when enabling it.

The Power To Perform – Managed Services Made Easy (Gerald Klump, Head of Managed Services & Outsourcing)

How many ideas, new business models or process optimisation measures are just waiting to be implemented in your company? Too many? Because your IT department is already at full capacity handling its day-to-day tasks and a host of other projects?
The diversity of challenges that have to be faced today means that involving external IT service providers is the best way, from a business point of view, of mastering all these tasks as a whole on time. The quality of the provider, alongside the quality of the collaboration itself, are the key to successfully achieving this goal. But what are the characteristics of effectively cooperating with an external service provider?
How can you effortlessly tailor services that require support to precisely accommodate your own needs? Trivadis, as a leading IT service provider, can offer you the solutions that you’re looking for. Based on concrete examples of our projects for small to medium-sized companies and key account customers such as Audi, we’ll show you what made-to-measure services actually look like in practice, what the benefits for your company will be, and what you will have to take into consideration.
With our Managed Services, you will enhance your performance as well.

Sound interesting? Or just want to stop by to say hi? Then, do not hesitate to let us know that you want to participate by sending an email to this address. Further information about the event, in Danish, is available here.