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All Things Oracle Webinar

Thanks to everyone who attended my webinar sponsored by Red Gate and All Things Oracle. My topic was "How to Gather SQL Resource Consumption Metrics in Oracle". The webinar recording has been posted at AllThingsOracle as of May 9 but I thought I'd also make the materials available here for anyone interested. In the zip file, you'll find a PDF of the presentation slides, several example reports (ASH, AWR, SQL Monitor) as well as several scripts I used and a text file containing all the demo queries and output.

I was also asked a couple of questions that I wanted to follow up on. First, someone asked about the use of dbms_sqltune. As it turns out, it does require a license for the Oracle Tuning Pack in order to be able to legally use that package. That means that SQL Monitor reports are off limits without that license. Sigh...

Another person asked about how to create a SQL Profile and I included a script I use that was created by Kerry Osborne called create_sql_profile_awr.sql. You can get that script and several others along with a great overview of SQL Profiles at Kerry's blog.

Again, thanks to everyone who attended and I hope you found it interesting and helpful. Thanks also to the folks at Red Gate and particularly James Murtaugh who leads the charge at Keep your eyes on the site for upcoming webinars, great articles and more!