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AskTom TV

Sometimes at conferences I get asked – “How do you know all of the answers for the AskTom questions?”

I’d love to say “Because we’re super smart” Smile but the reality is, we’re just like anyone else with a passion for database technology.  We like to research things, apply our skills and use our experience to solve problems.

So I’ve realised that even though we try to give as much detail as possible when we are helping the AskTom community, it might not always be immediately apparent what thought process we followed when tackling a problem.

To help with that, we now have “AskTom TV”.   It’s not really a TV show Smile but what we’re doing is taking a sample AskTom question, and talking about how we tackled a problem, rather than just jumping straight to the solution.

The first two episodes are here, and there will be more to come throughout 2017.