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A Cloud over San Francisco for OpenWorld 2010

Oracle OpenWorld 2010 is just bursting with big cloud-related announcements this week.  As I prepare to present on the Amazon cloud at OOW2010 on Thursday (, I thought I would highlight two of the biggest cloud-related announcements of the week.


We all know about Exadata, Oracle’s hardware-based storage-optimized RAC monster capable of over 1 million IOPS.  In his keynote, Larry Ellison announced Exalogic, an appliance that is meant to provide cloud-like private internal infrastructure.  Oriented towards  middleware, Exalogic’s marketing materials emphasize the elasticity of resources and promote middleware consolidation onto a small set of Exalogic nodes.

Certification for Oracle on Oracle VM-based Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

Oracle and Amazon jointly announced this week that they will soon provide Oracle VM (OVM) based EC2 instances certified to run any Oracle software certified on traditional Oracle VM.  This includes Oracle Applications, Peoplesoft, Siebel and many other Oracle products. The issue of Oracle supportability and certification on EC2 has been a major sticking point for customers since EC2 and Oracle began collaborating over two years ago.  This announcement should allay some of the concerns regarding running Oracle on EC2.

Previously, Oracle supported only the database, middleware and Oracle Enterprise Manager on standard EC2 instances.

With this annoucement, the division of support responsibility remains the same. Oracle issues are handled by Oracle Support, and EC2 issues are handled by Amazon.

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