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Database Virtualization: Data as a Service in Healthcare

#0056d6;">MH900423022The healthcare sector has a clear opportunity to modernize care delivery by adopting new data interchange standards and EHR systems. But getting there will first require upgrading aging infrastructure, managing data explosion, and ensuring compliance with new regulations. This translates to more projects and greater costs for IT resources that are already stretched thin. There is a clear need for transformative technologies that will enable healthcare IT teams to tackle the unavoidable wave of big projects faster and with greater efficiency.

Organizations like Presbyterian Healthcare Services, Health Dialog, Independence Blue Cross, European Bioformatics Institute and many others are leveraging Data Virtualization for databases to modernize care delivery and execute IT projects:

On Time: 20-50% greater project output with the same staff
On Quality: 30% fewer production errors through early detection
On Budget: 90% lower application testing costs (capex and opex)

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • #0056d6;">How Data Virtualization for databases improves application project output, quality, and cost efficiency
  • #0056d6;">How Data Virtualization for databases can impact specific projects in your organization including ICD-10 migration, healthcare exchange related projects, private cloud rollouts, data center migrations and much more
  • #0056d6;">How Presbyterian Health uses Delphix to implement Data Virtualization for databases to drive cost and operational gains in its claims processing environment?