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Day 2 of UKOUG Tech 14

Day 2 of the UKOUG Tech 14 conference for me started with the second session (I spent the first session typing up the blog post on Day 1 as there wasn’t a presentation I was interested in). Tammy Bednar was presenting on “Creating a Test / Dev Database in Minutes Using the Oracle Database Appliance”. Tammy is another old timer at Oracle. Like myself and Maria Colgan, she has been an Oracle employee for 20 years. I’d been discussing with Maria on day 1 that people either seem to move on from Oracle within a couple of years, or they stick around for a long time like us. For me, that’s because I’ve been able to move around and do different things that have kept my interest levels fresh.

But I digress. :) I wasn’t aware of what was happening in the ODA space with this topic. As is often the case at Oracle, there are multiple groups developing similar sorts of functionality. So we have the ODA snapshotting capability, Snap Clone on the EM side, and the ability to create a snapshot copy of a pluggable database in Oracle Database 12c. As I’ve been working on the Snap Clone functionality for some time, I was quite interested to see what the ODA folks had been up to as well. Tammy’s quite an accomplished presenter, so I really enjoyed her presentation.

Next up I went to Tim Gorman and Ron Ekin’s presentation title “Dueling Duplications – Physical vs Virtual Data Cloning”. Tim did most of the presenting, and of course, he’s a great presenter as well. The only issue I really had with the presentation was they were comparing apples with oranges, as they were comparing the times taken to duplicate an entire database versus snapshotting a thin clone, so of course the snapshotting was faster. :) Still, it was interesting to see the interface they were using, which I hadn’t seen in action before.

The next session was my first UKOUG presentation, which was on Snap Clone. I had heard from some other presenters that there had been some issues with getting the slides presenting properly, so I made sure that the room had one of the technicians ready. Unfortunately we had major dramas. Eventually even two technicians and myself had to admit defeat. Every time we tried to put PowerPoint into presenting mode, it would present on my laptop screen, rather than the big screen the attendees could see. The strange thing was when I connected to the projector it would display my desktop background but even when I tried to force the display onto the second monitor it would only come up on my laptop. The technicians finally got the slides onto the main display, but only in edit mode – if I tried to present from that configuration, PowerPoint would restart. So I presented the entire presentation in edit mode, losing all my build slides and so on, so it was incredibly frustrating. Adding to that frustration, both my slots were on in the rooms off the exhibition hall, which meant there was a lot of noise both from the hall itself and the adjoining rooms as I mentioned in yesterday’s blog. As I mentioned in that blog, I would certainly recommend those rooms NOT be used for presenting from again!

While the next session was on, I spent some time with the organizers of the conference and they borrowed a different laptop from the conference centre, so my second presentation worked very smoothly. A huge thanks to Faye Wood for managing to get that organized. My second session, titled “Best Practices for Deployment in a Private Cloud – Fast Track to DBaaS”, was the session I was asked to do just last Thursday, so it wasn’t listed in the printed agenda. It was on the agenda boards in the conference centre and the mobile app for the conference, so a few people realized it was on and turned up thankfully (I have heard of two presenters so far that had zero attendees, which must be incredibly disheartening for the presenters!)

That was the end of the day as far as sessions were concerned. There were drinks on in the exhibition hall again, and I spent some time catching up with Eric van der Sluis and Chris Lawless from DBvisit. It’s funny that I’d seen both of them just a couple of weeks ago on the other side of the world at the NZOUG Conference. :)

The conference finished on Tuesday with the Tech14 Social, but I took the opportunity instead to catch up with quite a number of my fellow Oak Table members over a few drinks and then dinner at the Smugglers Cove, a bar / restaurant just next door to the conference. A very enjoyable way to end the day!