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Indianapolis, ECO, IOUG and Oracle Education Foundation, Ohm My!

I’ve been a bit busy traveling and speaking, but I wanted to discuss the great events I’ve been lucky enough to be part of the last couple weeks.

Indianapolis Oracle User Group

I spoke at the INOUG back on September 17th.  The user group in Indiana is incredibly welcoming and I had a great time with the wonderful attendees for my three back-to-back sessions.  We discussed AWR Warehouse, ASH and AWR Mining and a new session on Optimization for EM12c and the Hybrid Cloud.

East Coast Oracle Conference

September 21st-23rd was my first visit to the great city of Raleigh, NC and ECO!  I’ve always wanted to visit the location and had a great time not just because I got to hang out with friends like Jeff Smith, Ric Van Dyke, Kent Graziano, Scott Spendolini and Tim St. Hilaire, but I also received an incredibly warm welcome from the ECO attendees!  Linda Hoover and her team put on a great conference and the interaction from those in the sessions were phenomenal, both during and afterwards.


I had a great joint keynote with Jeff Smith on “Empowering Your Technical Career with Social Media”.  It was incredibly well received and even though the room felt like it was -50F, everyone stayed for the entire keynote.  Some of the best feedback was when a woman who was working in the hotel serving food came up afterwards to tell me how much she enjoyed it and asked me some questions about what I did for a living and how to get into the tech industry.

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An attendee also came up to me in the restaurant to let me know she’d only stayed for two keynotes her entire career and that ours was one of them!  These kind words from these two women and the other attendees who approached us meant a lot to Jeff and I.  We really appreciate the support!  I also have to thank Monty Latiolais and Ray Smith for letting Jeff and I rework their social media profiles and personal branding.  It was great to see it all come together.  For those that attended my technical session which was a deep dive in AWR and ASH, thank you for offering me a standing room only in the largest room they had at the conference and for all the interaction.

 IOUG Master Class at Sports Authority Stadium

I raced home at midnight on the 23rd to ensure I was available to do the keynote on the 24th for the IOUG Master class at….OK, let’s just say it, I’m a Denverite, it will always be Mile-High Stadium.  :)

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The event included a good amount of RMOUG folks, along with some new folks and I got to speak with Graham Thornton from EMC, too!  It was a great day to be at the stadium and a great time was had by all as I spoke on Oracle Hybrid Cloud.

Oracle Education Foundation

Everyone knows I’ve been all about educating with small computers like the Raspberry Pi.  Thanks to Jake Kuramoto, I was offered the opportunity to come be part of the coaching team with the Oracle Education Foundation, specializing in teaching Raspberry Pi with Python.  I helped to build some of the content and it was an awesome experience to work with the high school kids.

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I only got to spend a week out of the two week project, because if I didn’t get home at least one week in October, Tim was going to come and get me!  It was a dream come true for me and I look forward to volunteering with the Oracle Education Foundation in the future.

On Thursday, Jake and his team, including the impressive Mark Vilrokx, came in to demonstrate a great nerf gun powered by an Adruino micro-computer and a sensor connected to the internet.  It used voice activated commands to shoot nerf ammo, even to know how many nerf bullets to shoot.


I’ll return home next week and enjoy some time with my family, my home and my dog before returning for Oracle Open World and Oak Table World for the end of October, so until then, check out the Arduino controlled nerf gun Twitter account, IOT Nerf and a shot of the great class I worked with for the week!

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