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Installing EM13c on Windows Tips

I just built out my own EM13c environment so I can answer many questions that I won’t be able to ignore just because I no longer work at Oracle.



Installation of EM13c is different on Windows than Linux or Unix, (no duh!) but it’s good to know a few tips for those that required to use Windows as their hosting or monitoring OS.

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  1. Ensure you use a user with administrative privileges on the hosts and that they have appropriate privileges to access the target hosts.
  2. Always start any of the installations or deployments with administrator access, (this can be done simply by right-clicking on the executable and choosing to “run as administrator”.)
  3. EM13c contains five files as it’s download-  One executable and four zip files that are unzipped by the actual executable, so don’t unzip those files once you download them.
  4. You must use a or newer version database for the repository and DO patch it with the latest PSU.
  5. The repository MUST use the character set AL32UTF8.  Enterprise Manager 13c will refuse to install on anything less than this character set.
  6. Ensure that you update the parameter settings in at least the spfile and remember to cycle the repository and EM post the installation for the following:
    1. session_cached_cursors=500
    2. optimizer_adaptive_features=FALSE
    3. and any other recommendations for SGA or PGA
  7. Create proper directory paths for Windows-
    1. A Windows admin that understands database and EM architecture will designate separate mount points and drives for each of the following, (vs. putting all in the C:\ drive):
      1. OMS(Middleware)
      2. Agent
      3. Database

Deployment of Agents

I still push people to my silent deploy post on Windows for EM12c.  Even for EM13c, it will save you a massive amount of stress and pain.  There are recommendations for how to do this via the Cloud Control GUI, via the PSExec scripts and with Cygwin, but hands down, this still is the easiest and most pain-free deployment method for Windows agent software deployments.

With that, I close another EM13c blog post-  no fear, it won’t be my last.

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