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Online Training Ad: Oracle Database 12c – New Performance Features

On 10 December 2015 I’ll give an online training entitled Oracle Database 12c – New Performance Features. This short post provides key information about it.


With every new release of Oracle Database, a number of features aimed at improving performance are introduced. It goes without saying that 12.1 is no exception to the rule. Notably, it introduces key improvements in three areas.

  • The query optimizer has been enhanced not only by the introduction of adaptive query optimization techniques, but also with improvements in object statistics and dynamic sampling.
  • New segments related to concepts like partial indexes, zone maps, and attribute clustering are available.
  • As of version, the brand-new In-Memory is available.

The aim of this one-day online training is to review the new performance features from a practical point of view as well as to point out challenges related to them. In other words, to let you know what you can expect from the new performance features when you upgrade to Oracle Database 12c.


Query Optimizer New Features

  • Adaptive Query Optimization
  • Object Statistics
  • Plan Stability
  • Indexes Performance Features

  • In-Memory Column Store
  • In-Memory Aggregation
  • Zone Maps
  • Attribute Clustering

For additional information and to subscribe, visit this page.