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The only way is automation!

Basically I’m a lazy person with a short attention span, so when I’ve done something once, I get kind-of bored of doing it again and again. As a result, automation is a perfect solution to me. Figure out how to do something, script it so I can repeat it easily, then move on! *

In my current role I’ve been a little sloppy about automating things. In part, this is because I’ve been doing such a random variety of things it’s been quite hard to see the patterns of repetitive tasks and it’s been difficult to find the time to actually automate the things I have spotted. The fact I’m currently the only DBA in an organisation that believes DBA stands for Do Bloody Anything, means I’ve been slowing sinking into the weeds of late. Over the last week or two I’ve drawn a mental line in the sand and decided I won’t do anything without scripting it or automating it in some fashion. It requires a lot of discipline to do that when it means potentially missing deadlines, but it really is the only way to work.

Most of what I’ve been doing is standard stuff. Scripting cloning procedures, so I can refresh an environment by starting a script and leaving it to do it’s thing. Making sure developers can get their own application server logs without having to ask me. Making sure applications can be deployed by nominated people without my intervention. Hopefully over the coming weeks I will be able to get things to a state where I can actually see some light at the end of the tunnel.



* It seems people take everything so literally. :) This does not mean I only ever do something once. The, “figure out how to do something”, part is a process of investigation and testing, not just some random crap that gets thrown together in a script. This is true of any process, manual or scripted. :)

The only way is automation! was first posted on February 1, 2014 at 2:00 pm.
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