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OOW2015 Database Manageability

This posting covers the Database Manageability sessions at OOW2015. Note that these are database manageability via Enterprise Manager, as opposed to sessions specifically covering database features and functions. The following sessions fall under this category:

  • Risk-Free Administration for Expert Database Administrators [CON9725] October 26, 4:00 pm – 4:45 pm | Moscone South—104 – The SPA Quick Check, SQL Performance Analyzer, Database Replay, and Concurrent Replay features in Oracle Real Application Testing provide a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution for assessing the impact of changes on production databases, either on premises or in the cloud. To stay ahead of the curve, you need the best available technology to ensure the most dependable and predictable performance. This session discusses the day-to-day uses of the above tools, and when and how to best use them to ensure a smooth and simple migration to the cloud. This presentation includes two customer use cases, one from Salesforce and one from Cerner.
  • Oracle Exadata Monitoring and Management Best Practices [CON9727] October 26, 12:15 pm – 1:00 pm | Intercontinental—Intercontinental B (5th Floor) – Oracle Enterprise Manager uses a holistic approach to manage Oracle Exadata Database Machine, providing comprehensive performance and lifecycle management from testing and deployment to proactive monitoring and ongoing maintenance across the entire engineered system. In this session, hear about new capabilities in the upcoming Oracle Enterprise Manager plugin for Oracle Exadata that includes Oracle Exadata virtualization provisioning and monitoring, the ability to monitor the latest Oracle Exadata hardware, Exacheck (ORAchk), Exadata Sparse Cloning, and the Automatic Service Request capability for Oracle Exadata hardware targets in Oracle Enterprise Manager. This presentation also includes two customer use cases, one from HDFC Bank and the other from Wellsfargo.
  • Next-Generation Database Management: Advanced Topics for Expert DBAs [CON9107] October 26, 1:30 pm – 2:15 pm | Moscone South—104 – The recently announced Oracle Management Cloud and the latest release of Oracle Enterprise Manager have many new database management features for expert DBAs. In this session, we discuss key new features that help maximize database performance, enable smart capacity planning, and provide the basis for smart and effective database administration.
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Consolidation Workbench—Secret to Successful Consolidation [CON9718] October 26, 2:45 pm – 3:30 pm | Moscone South—300 – The need to reduce IT costs and increase business agility are driving businesses to consolidate and move to either a private database cloud or Oracle Database Cloud Service. Given the many challenges and choices available in this process, the road to consolidation requires a systematic approach to planning and choosing the right consolidation strategy, validating it, and performing database migration. Join this session to learn how Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Consolidation Workbench provides exciting capabilities that enable you to best consolidate and perform database migration to the consolidated platform including Oracle Public Cloud, and validate the chosen migration strategy with Oracle Real Application Testing. This presentation also includes a use case from HDFC Bank.
  • Tips and Techniques for Maximizing Database Performance: Theory and Practice [CON9723] October 26, 5:15 pm – 6:00 pm | Moscone South—104 – Oracle Database and Oracle Enterprise Manager introduce new, exciting capabilities that help improve DBA productivity and maximize performance while reducing management costs. This session covers the theory behind performance diagnosis and tuning and the new and upcoming capabilities in Oracle Database and Oracle Enterprise Manager, such as Hybrid Cloud Management, Automatic Workload Repository multitenant enhancements, Automatic Workload Repository and SQL Tuning Advisor support for Oracle Active Data Guard, Performance Hub Reports, Database Operations Monitoring, and more. This session provides tips on when and how to best use the above mentioned features that will help DBAs with day-to-day tasks. This presentation also includes a customer use case, Cerner.
  • HOL (Hands-on Lab) Session Maximizing Oracle Database 12c Performance with Oracle Enterprise Manager [HOL10442] Times haven’t been announced yet as I’m writing this, so you’ll need to keep an eye out for this one. Tired of maintaining old DBA scripts that tune Oracle databases? Are database performance problems getting you down? If yes, attend this hands-on lab that guides you to modern methodologies that detect and diagnose problems, and tune database performance in Oracle Database 12c. In this lab, learn how to optimize your database performance with the most up-to-date recommendations, and how to make risk-free changes that improve system performance while maintaining stability and reliability.
  • Demos – there are also two demo booths where you can go and see the product in action – End-to-End Database Performance Management @Workstation ID SLD-023 (Venue: Moscone South, Upper Left, Database) and End-to-End Engineered Systems Manageability with Oracle Enterprise Manager (Venue: Moscone North, Lower Lobby, Engineered Systems Showcase)

Don’t forget there are separate blog posts on Oracle Management Cloud, private cloud / DBLM and middleware management, so make sure to have a look at those!

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