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Oracle Database 21c : It’s New to Everyone

A few days ago Oracle made the official announcement about the release of Oracle database 21c (here). This was a rather late announcement, as the product has been available on Oracle Cloud for over a month, but that’s not the subject of this post.

With each new release I feel the need to write a post like this, so here goes…


This is a new product, so there will be a lot of people in the community writing content about it, including me. The one thing common to all those people, including me, is none of us have any real experience of this version of the database. Very few, if any, will use this version in anger for a real production system for quite some time, if ever (see innovation release). Does that mean you should ignore the content being produced at the moment? No. You just have to understand that everyone is a newbie at the moment. It will take some time for people to not only understand the basics of the functionality, but also get a feel for its relevance in the real world. Just keep that in mind.

But what about the people that were using the new features in the 20c preview release on the cloud for a year? Yep. They are all beginners too. The preview release of 20c never became generally available, so nobody got something I would consider “production experience” on that release. Even the folks at Oracle don’t have significant production experience of 21c yet. It’s only been a month. Many of the 21c new features were initially showcased in the 20c preview, but things have changed since then, so it’s likely articles you are reading that were based on 20c are out of date and need revision.

I’m not saying all this to be negative. I guess part of it is a self-protection mechanism. People will be producing content now, and as they get more experience they will hopefully revise that content to reflect their current understanding. Don’t expect to find any 21c gurus for a long time… </p />

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