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Oracle Exadata Database Machine Offerings: X2-2 and X2-8

For those who followed or attended Oracle OpenWorld last week you may have seen the introduction of the new hardware for the Oracle Exadata Database Machine. Here’s a high level summary of what was introduced: Updated Exadata Storage Server nodes (based on the Sun Fire X4270 M2) Updated 2 socket 12 core database nodes for the X2-2 (based on the Sun Fire X4170 M2) New offering of 8 socket 64 core database nodes using the Intel 7500 Series (Nehalem-EX) processors for the X2-8 (based on the Sun Fire X4800) The major updates in the X2-2 compared to V2 database nodes are: CPUs updated from quad-core Intel 5500 Series (Nehalem-EP) processors to six-core Intel 5600 Series (Westmere-EP) Network updated from 1 GbE to 10 GbE RAM updated from 72 GB to 96 GB The updates to the Exadata Storage Servers (which are identical for both the X2-2 and X2-8 configurations) are: CPUs updated to the six-core Intel 5600 Series (Westmere-EP) processors 600 GB 15k RPM SAS offering now known as HP (High Performance) 2 TB  7.2k RPM SAS offering now known as HC (High Capacity) [previously the 2 TB drives were 7.2k RPM SATA] One of the big advantages of the CPU updates to the Intel [...]