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RMOUG, Feb. 20th, 2018 #td18

So its the first day of RMOUG Training Days 2018 in Westminster, CO, (just NW of Denver, between Denver and Boulder) and we’re enjoying the winter weather after spring temperatures on Sunday, which dropped almost 50F degrees in a single day.  The change in temperatures was accompanied by about 8 inches of snow for Denver and most of those in summer gear were faced with only one choice….

Actually they were left with two-  They *could* go for a swim in the snow or they could register for the workshops at RMOUG Training Days, braving the roads, (which due to our lacking humidity weren’t as bad as they could be…)

We had a great group of instructors this year for our four offered sessions, Mike Dietrich, Kent Graziano, John King, and Peter Koletzke who offered some incredible workshop/deed dive sessions to kick off the event.

After lunch we’ll begin the one house sessions with our fantastic presenters and the schedule can be found here!

With that, I’ll get back to performing my duties of welcoming folks, social media and being the loveliest User Group president in the land… </p />

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