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RMOUG Training Days 2012

RMOUG Training Days 2012
Event date: 
Tue, 2012-02-14 - Thu, 2012-02-16

One of the largest Oracle user group conferences in the world, the "Training Days 2012" conference presented by the Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group ( is two days on Wednesday and Thursday (15-16 Feb), consisting of more than 140 presentations by more than 100 of the top speakers in the world.  Registration for this conference, from as low as US$265 - US$340 for early registration, is an incredible educational value.  Click here to register for this event.
Sixteen (16) Oak Table members are presenting at this event, along with dozens of Oracle ACEs and ACE Directors.  Oak Table member and ACE Director Cary Millsap will be providing the keynote address.  In addition to twenty high-end vendors exhibiting their products and services, the "RAC Attack" hands-on labs will be running in the exhibition area throughout the conference.
On the Tuesday preceding the conference (14-Feb), we also have five extended four-hour University sessions by some of the expert presenters at the conference.  Click here to register for these complimentary sessions, which runs from US$112.50 when registering for the 2-day Training Days conference as well, or US$125.00 when just registering for the University sessions alone.
Additionally, on the Tuesday preceding the conference (14-Feb), Oracle TechNet (OTN) is presenting their FREE full-day "Developer's Day" featuring top developers from Oracle Corporation.  Click here to register for this complimentary event.