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Things that make you go "hmmmmm"

I was reading a blog post entitled How Good is Good?. It was written 8 years ago by a graphic designer by the name of Stefan Sagmeister. The post was speaking about creating designs that were meaningful and make an impact on the world (or the part of the world each design is directed toward). While the post was interesting, it was one of the comments that caught my eye. Most of the commenters were inspired by the post but one commenter, in reference to the idea of making a match between good causes and good design a priority vs the more mundane every day marketing stuff, said:

Simple, don't go into graphic design, Choose something else. Cause if you don't do "that" work, other designers will. Do people really think that everybody enjoys their job?

It was the commenter's question that made me thoughtful: Do people really think that everybody enjoys their job?

I've always felt very fortunate to be able to do work that I really love doing. There may be times when I get frustrated with some of the particulars, but overall I know I'm doing "the thing" I'm supposed to be doing.

My choice of career path came to me in college. I started out as an accounting major but after my first computer-related course, I switched majors and knew that working in the information technology field was for me. So, I got my degree and have worked in the field ever since.

I honestly can't imagine working in a job that I didn't like. So, it was just a bit of an "ah-ha" moment to consider the idea that not everyone enjoys their job. What would that be like? What would it be like to wake up every morning and go do something that you don't enjoy for 8 or more hours? That would seem like torture to me.

But, I suppose it may be more likely that more people don't enjoy their jobs than do. Have you ever seen the TV show "Dirty Jobs"? Some of those jobs are (in my opinion) just horrid. I can't imagine having to do some of those tasks every day. But, there are a lot of jobs out there that I can't imagine doing that many people love.

However, I think that it may be more about "doing what you gotta do" many times vs actually choosing a job you want/enjoy/love. I just find it sad, and somewhat humbling, to think about all the people who do things they don't enjoy just to make enough money to maintain a life for themselves and their families. To think of spending such a large portion of my life doing something I found no enjoyment in really makes my heart ache.

Are you doing what you really enjoy?