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It’s time for another landmark. The blog hit 3,000,000 views on 30th November  - but I’ve been too busy to do my usual analysis of posts. The latest half million took 42 weeks (five weeks less than the previous half million increment) and here are the latest stats on popular views:

First the top five across the lifetime of the blog (excluding the home page and opening menu) and the old faviourites haven’t changed:

AWR / Statspack menu 57,477 Updated from time to time
NOT IN 40.952 Feb 2007
Cartesian Merge Join 33,367 Dec 2006
dbms_xplan in 10g 33,279 Dec 2006
SQL Profiles (10g) 25,219 Feb 2007

If we look at just the last year, the top five are:

AWR / Statspack menu 19.307 Updated from time to time
Oracle Core 9.996 Dec 2011
Shrink Tablespace 8,788 Feb 2010
AWR Reports 8,548 Feb 2011
NOT IN 8,026 Feb 2007

A couple of old favourites (dbms_xplan in 10g and SQL Profiles (10g) have finally fallen off the top slots, and Cartesian Merge Join didn’t make it back after slipping last year – but it’s interesting (and not entirely surprising) to see how NOT IN is still coming up after so many years.

The other statistic of note is the number of followers the blog has, currently 1,197 (although it was 1,185 on 30th Nov – I probably picked up a few more immediately after the UKOUG annual conference).