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Karen Morton In Memoriam


Karen Morton



I got to know Karen a couple of years ago, while staying in the same 'house' at Lalandia, together with Cary, Tanel and Carel-Jan. A strong personality. Knowledgeable, present (in a good way), always willing to share.
And, like Lex, she was tall, with a lot of good stuff at the top-floor.
My deepest sympathies to her family.
Goodbye Karen, you will be missed.


Karen a couple

 Karen a couple is awsom 

Thanks Karen

Several years ago, when I was read the documents in the 2009's OOW, I found the topic of "Managing Statistics for Optimal Query Performance
" delivered by Karen. Karen's talk was really inspiring and helpful. She really help me a lot in understanding the Oracle's optimizer and statistics.
And she encouraged me to use the "dbms_stat.set_xxx" method in my work and it really worked very well.

Although I haven't meet Karen personally, her's talk and knowledge sharing will be remembered for long time.

Minhua Mao

With awe...

You inspired me and learned a lot from you. Thanks Karen. Always thankful.


Hotsos 2009 - Karen