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@davidfrum Interesting that the person at the far right in the picture has, just below his arm, one of the cardboard "I can't breathe" signs — 4 hours 43 min ago
@carlk65 @a_boss_sandwich @davidfrum Nope, not patriots at all. No insignia, no ID, no accountability. They're thugs, sent by cowards. — 4 hours 54 min ago
I love this country and I love these people #BlackLivesMatter Plus, this crowd is larger than inauguration in Jan… hours 13 min ago
SecDef opposes deploying military within US. Trump "not pleased", proving to everybody he is the enemy.… hours 19 min ago
@DLange444 @Mautro Hey its (still) a free country, despite Trump's efforts... — 9 hours 55 min ago
I love our country and our people. Protests in all 50 states, including this peaceful crowd of resistors in front… day 45 min ago
RT @jpiwowar: Feels like we don't need more middle-aged white dude voices, but silence=complicity, so: Love to those seeking justice #BLM G… — 1 day 12 hours ago
Trump has declared martial law. What are we going to do about it? day 22 hours ago
@jasonrantz @kpantsvp The confederate flag is partially covered by the label "Live" in the upper right corner of the photo you shared — 3 days 16 min ago
Next time an idiot responds with "all lives matter", remember this... #BlackLivesMatter days 10 hours ago