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@kanchanray @amazonIN I think it is wrong. The product is also gluten free. — 6 days 8 hours ago
@recursivecodes The bigger question is whether you will run this manual task again and how frequently? If you do, y… week 4 days ago
@GeraldVenzl Didn’t intend to — 5 weeks 1 day ago
@GeraldVenzl Hey, if it helps looking good on zoom ... — 5 weeks 1 day ago
Most, if not all, who say they are _bored_ are likely just whining. If you have time do what you always wanted to:… weeks 6 days ago
Why are some objecting to the reporting of the terrible news by the media? This is a clear threat, a nightmare y… weeks 6 days ago
@mariam_kupa @Oracle @oracleugs @oraclebase How about War-shar? Enough to start a war :) Seriously though, I use… weeks 3 days ago
@Limmattal Thank you. It is very old but still holds true. The technology has improved but is basically the same. — 12 weeks 4 days ago
@EssexCanning That’s all, folks. — 13 weeks 2 days ago
@GeraldVenzl ... but eventually doesn’t. — 13 weeks 4 days ago