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@2ndhalf_oracle Those eyes! — 18 hours 26 min ago
@dbaharrison OMG you are on a roll! :) — 2 days 6 hours ago
@pdevisser @thatjeffsmith @OsamaOracle @OyvindIsene Standalone is great, but when you are running something "real",… days 10 hours ago
@OsamaOracle @thatjeffsmith @OyvindIsene @pdevisser Before you answer, understand that I'm an incredibly petty man,… days 12 hours ago
@thatjeffsmith @OyvindIsene @pdevisser There is a right way. It's my way, or the highway! — 2 days 12 hours ago
VirtualBox 6.1.2 @virtualbox days 15 hours ago
@thatjeffsmith In this country, you gotta become a moderator first. Then when you're a moderator, you get the power… days 7 hours ago
@thatjeffsmith That's how you're meant to name this right? No ambiguity! — 3 days 7 hours ago
@thatjeffsmith Use this for everything, then you will never have that problem again. P4$$w0rd! No need to thank me... — 3 days 10 hours ago
It looks like a lot of important patches (for me) are delayed until the end of the month. That kind-of screws up ou… days 17 hours ago