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@flashdba @oradiag @nlitchfield We are becoming infected by the US attitude that anything marginally better than sh… hours 23 min ago
@PS_OracleNerd But remember, caching is good for users if content is static or semi-static. No point them hitting y… hours 29 min ago
@PS_OracleNerd I see. I thought you were saying it about my website. :) This is most likely your browser caching t… hours 30 min ago
@PS_OracleNerd Are you talking about my website, or your own internal company website? — 17 hours 36 min ago
@PS_OracleNerd There is no HTTP content. All HTTP URLs redirect to HTTPS. I don't understand what you are saying... — 17 hours 37 min ago
@lukaseder The British people one is what we say to your face. Once you've walked out of earshot, we say, "What a p… hours 22 min ago
@PS_OracleNerd Old Content? — 20 hours 12 min ago
And we're back! — 20 hours 43 min ago
Quick reboot of the website #SiteAdmin — 20 hours 45 min ago
RT @EOApex: Not the #orclapex track of #Groundbreakers Latam 2020, but @oraclebase will be speaking about it in his session on August 17th.… — 1 day 20 hours ago