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I'm on a "Plain English" course today. I'm sure it will be fine, but the thought of being "trapped" for the day is… days 19 hours ago
@dbaharrison I expect a percentage of your appearance fee when you start speaking at events... I figure 20% is fai… week 9 hours ago
RT @dbaharrison: Azure policy - a simple example - including getting the results in usable format! @oraclebase ht… — 1 week 9 hours ago
@girlgerms Your first mistake was not suggesting you play hide and seek, then while they hide, you eat. Your secon… week 2 days ago
@BOffTV @sqldaily Once again, I don't disagree with you... — 1 week 2 days ago
@NyssaDogFriend @Chr1stinaG She's a great character. Riker hates her because she is a war criminal in his eyes, so… week 2 days ago
@BOffTV @sqldaily I don't believe many people truly "don't care". They are working with constraints, be it knowledg… week 2 days ago
@BOffTV @sqldaily This thread has got split... If they are likely to do a bad job, I would rather they add an ID.… week 2 days ago
@BOffTV @sqldaily It's all about education. Nudging people in the right direction. Baby steps. Unfortunately, in t… week 2 days ago
@Chr1stinaG week 2 days ago