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RT @archer_rs: Just had conversation with a British couple who have a holiday home near us. They voted for Brexit and have made no arrange… — 5 days 2 hours ago
@orcldoug @DatabaseSponge @connor_mc_d BTW you might want to read this thread. It's quite possibly the funniest Bre… days 2 hours ago
@orcldoug @DatabaseSponge @connor_mc_d BoJo now saying COVID-19 was a disaster for the UK economy, which it is (not… days 2 hours ago
@orcldoug @connor_mc_d Even things I believe in frustrate me at the moment. People jumping on the bandwagon for vie… days 2 hours ago
@orcldoug @connor_mc_d I've always had opinions, but social media is not always the best place to say them. There i… days 2 hours ago
@justharryb Yep. I had an equally disturbing moment when I did my once-a-day check of it this morning... — 5 days 2 hours ago
@justharryb But it had Dark Mode... — 5 days 3 hours ago
@orcldoug @connor_mc_d Was this directed at me or Connor? — 5 days 3 hours ago
@orcldoug @connor_mc_d @madsjt You getting Outrage Fatigue? — 5 days 6 hours ago
@connor_mc_d Add: - COVID-19 second wave. - New swine flu detected. Pandemic 2 : This time is porcine. - World eco… days 7 hours ago