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@BOffTV @sqldaily I don't believe many people truly "don't care". They are working with constraints, be it knowledg… week 3 days ago
@BOffTV @sqldaily This thread has got split... If they are likely to do a bad job, I would rather they add an ID.… week 3 days ago
@BOffTV @sqldaily It's all about education. Nudging people in the right direction. Baby steps. Unfortunately, in t… week 3 days ago
@Chr1stinaG week 3 days ago
@BOffTV @sqldaily If you have a list, I've got some people and companies I would like you to include on it... Not t… week 3 days ago
@BOffTV @sqldaily > That's beyond amateur. That's beyond shoddy. That's just taking the piss. May I suggest that t… week 3 days ago
@BOffTV @sqldaily Look back at my comments. I don't believe I disagreed with any of your basic statements. Unfortu… week 3 days ago
@BOffTV @sqldaily One vendor recently added an new column to every table (thousands of them). I bet you can guess w… week 3 days ago
@BOffTV @sqldaily I am not disagreeing with you. There's just a disconnect between what is sensible, and what typic… week 3 days ago
@BOffTV @sqldaily Incompetence is a rather strong way of putting it. — 1 week 3 days ago