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@FTisiot @dw_pete Just got to build up my tolerance again... — 3 days 16 hours ago
@FTisiot @dw_pete Pineapple and sprouts on pizza. Now there's an idea... — 3 days 17 hours ago
@johnnyq72 @StewAshton @patch72 @DenesKubicek @Oracle Let me guess. You are dealing with customers who are trying t… days 21 hours ago
@justharryb @thatjeffsmith You'll get yourself cancelled by a bunch of mouth breathers who think vaccines are evil,… days 21 hours ago
@thatjeffsmith @justharryb FYI: Step one: Go to a @BGOUG event and learn traditional Bulgarian dances. Step two: R… days 21 hours ago
@sborden76 @oracleace @acolvin @dbaOnTap @svilmune @KerryOracleGuy @McilroyJackie We'll have to move into our own h… days 16 hours ago
@RoelH @lucasjellema @groundbreakers And the move from business to consumer starts. The next announcement is the O… days 21 hours ago
Video : Instance Caging to Manage CPU Usage @Solifugo days 21 hours ago
@kevinclosson @mdinh235 Wow. The fact that you even bring something like that into the conversion worries me... — 5 days 22 hours ago
@kevinclosson The BLM organisation is not the same as believing black lives matter. I am not being skin colour fix… days 22 hours ago