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@ludodba @MartinDBA @2ndhalf_oracle @FranckPachot @Jim_Leonard @OracleDatabase Ludovico: Put "something" (REST call… days 9 hours ago
@MartinDBA @2ndhalf_oracle @ludodba @FranckPachot @Jim_Leonard @OracleDatabase I'll probably start putting somethin… days 9 hours ago
@MartinDBA @2ndhalf_oracle @ludodba @FranckPachot @Jim_Leonard @OracleDatabase If your test system is small, you co… days 9 hours ago
@MartinDBA @2ndhalf_oracle @ludodba @FranckPachot @Jim_Leonard @OracleDatabase No I didn't specifically, but you ca… days 9 hours ago
@2ndhalf_oracle @MartinDBA @ludodba @FranckPachot @Jim_Leonard @OracleDatabase It's not a "my way or the highway th… days 10 hours ago
@2ndhalf_oracle @MartinDBA @ludodba @FranckPachot @Jim_Leonard @OracleDatabase I wrote about this some time ago.… days 10 hours ago
@ludodba @2ndhalf_oracle @FranckPachot @Jim_Leonard @OracleDatabase Oracle have been pushing this for a while now,… days 10 hours ago
@2ndhalf_oracle @FranckPachot @Jim_Leonard @OracleDatabase And I think many of us with real experience of Docker ha… days 11 hours ago
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@IreneSuaMar Fake. We all know it is hollow with lizard people living in it, whilst also being flat somehow... — 1 week 6 hours ago