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@scoter80 @AviAtOracle @OracleLinux @virtualbox OL 8.2 shifted from the RHCK to UEK. The virtualbox tools install… hours 59 min ago
@bommeltje @AviAtOracle @OracleLinux @virtualbox My is/was to go with a generic kickstart file and use the default… hours 1 min ago
@rmoff > 4. copy the slide, and on the copied slide, set begin to the end of the previous, and set end to the next… hours 4 min ago
@rmoff Not exactly what you asked, but I use keynote in the following way: 1. record your screen while doing the CL… hours 6 min ago
@martinberx Wondered, right? I do believe it’s “kind of” an index file, which classifies entries in a tracefile. — 1 day 44 min ago
@scoter80 @AviAtOracle @OracleLinux @virtualbox That’s exactly what I did. But that’s not the point. The point is t… day 46 min ago
@scoter80 @AviAtOracle @OracleLinux @virtualbox The virtualbox tools installer says kernel headers are missing. — 1 day 9 hours ago
@AviAtOracle @OracleLinux @virtualbox The thing I find most counter-intuitive is that the default kernel is switche… day 9 hours ago
@AviAtOracle @scoter80 @OracleLinux @virtualbox It is my intention to use the kernel version that comes with the install. — 1 day 10 hours ago
@scoter80 @AviAtOracle @OracleLinux @virtualbox Virtualbox is the current 6.1 release... — 1 day 10 hours ago