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RT @gluent: Allow us to formally introduce you to Conductor for #Gluent ― the #UI that allows for offload execution, monitoring and partiti… — 33 weeks 4 days ago
RT @gluent: You definitely don't want to pass up an opportunity to hear @KerryOracleGuy talk about "The Easiest Way to Move (Big Sh*t) to t… — 33 weeks 6 days ago
RT @POUG_ORG: Guys, only 7 days left to submit to #POUG2020 call for papers! It's pretty awesome to be #POUG speaker, trust us... or ask @M… — 34 weeks 2 days ago
RT @RichNiemiec: RMOUG @oracleace & Ace Directors. Early registration ends 1/27 (Monday) @RMOUG_ORG. @racdba @KentGraziano @sspendol @csha… — 34 weeks 4 days ago
@merv And another option is to run Oracle’s SQL engine on top of Cloudera via @gluent (sorry for the shameless plug) — 35 weeks 5 days ago
RT @TanelPoder: FYI, the Oracle State Objects & System State Dumps hacking session starts in an hour! Free stuff! Over 200 people have regi… — 36 weeks 4 days ago
RT @DanRather: This season isn't joyous for all, those facing loss, loneliness, economic anxiety, and mental illness. If you think you coul… — 38 weeks 5 days ago
@JLOracle @fritshoogland Ha! I must have merged those two in my head. Some form of compaction process in my brain no doubt. :) — 39 weeks 4 hours ago
@JLOracle @fritshoogland I saw a presentation once that @JLOracle did called How to Become an Oracle Expert, or som… weeks 5 hours ago
@fritshoogland @JLOracle Closely related is the “Oooo Shiny!” Syndrome. That’s what makes us run around like toddl… weeks 5 hours ago