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@KPayneAntsoft @chriscmuir Comparable to other training rates (eg Oracle Uni), local venues, small class size, plen… hours 29 min ago
Floriade is such a special time in Canberra. hours 50 min ago
This is without doubt David Bowie's most underrated album. A masterpiece, as good as anything from his celebrated 1… hours 12 min ago
RT @chriscmuir: Check it out- @richardfoote is running an Oracle RDBMS indexing internals & best practices sessions around Australia https:… — 10 hours 20 min ago
Oracle Indexing Myths (Telling Lies) hours 4 min ago
@TonyAbbottMHR Does this promise ring a bell? Oh the irony — 1 day 1 hour ago
RT @atDavidHoffman: So who's the son of a bitch? day 8 hours ago
@Marcdawson @realDonaldTrump We basically have 2 man-babies calling each names, threatening annihilation of million… days 2 hours ago
@DavidBowieGlam How truly wonderful is it though he left us so much music that will never, ever die. Each song take… days 12 hours ago
@davidbowie_news My very first introduction to David Bowie. What a Fantastic Voyage it has been. — 2 days 22 hours ago