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RT @Pybrehier: Ready for the show ! See U tomorrow in Nürnberg! @dbiservices #DOAG2017 hours 3 min ago
RT @OracleSK: Want to see one of the rare species who likes Oracle's SQL Plan Directives (SPD) feature? — 3 hours 7 min ago
RT @chrisrsaxon: Want your #SQL questions answered at #DOAG2017? Join me for 1:1 30 minute slots in AskTOM Office Hours Tues, 08:30 - 12 i… — 3 hours 43 min ago
RT @jpt2000: #DOAG2017 Begrüßung NewComer auf der DOAG K+A morgen 09:15 Raum RIGA — 3 hours 44 min ago
@ThomasTeskeOrcl @myoraclesupport My remark was neither positive or negative. We have tools to diagnose ourselves t… hours 16 min ago
RT @MikeDietrichDE: Should we wait for Oracle 19? hours 31 min ago
RT @fritshoogland: For any of my followers that deep dives to the c function call layer, please submit your decoding of the name for this d… — 23 hours 54 min ago
@xtner Yes but with supplemental logging there’s one redo record per row. With triggers there are 2. — 1 day 3 min ago
@xtner Interesting. An additional redo record for each row: day 53 min ago
@tmmdv @vanpupi @DOAGeV Sorry to hear that. Hope it will be ok whatever it is. — 1 day 2 hours ago