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@lukaseder Great Thanks for that Have a good weekend — 2 days 9 hours ago
User: Is there some tools that could spot the few lines... [some data cleanup] Me: SQL is the tool ;) [with an exa… days 9 hours ago
Can you imagine all the magic that is behind to have updates redirected to the primary and still see the uncommitte… days 10 hours ago
@pewu78 @thatjeffsmith @vanpupi We want an active_data_guard setting. With 3 values: TRUE, FALSE, and one to chose… days 12 hours ago
@pewu78 I think tape backups are considered by all sites, but not disk ones. It would be awesome to have a 3rd opti… days 13 hours ago
@pewu78 by the way, you didn't mention the version so it depends ;) — 2 days 14 hours ago
@pewu78 Argh.. I replied 'it depends' before seeing 'to tape' was mentioned :( — 2 days 14 hours ago
@fritshoogland Hopefully, the most important note is still in google cache ;) days 14 hours ago
I like when people enclose code snippets between ``` in @servicenow in the hope it will be formatted correctly. Se… days 14 hours ago
@rodrigojorgedba And why is it 19c and not available in the Cloud? 19x would be cool — 2 days 19 hours ago